Discussion: Geraldo: Dascam Video Should Clear S.C. Cop Of Murder Charge (VIDEO)

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Fuckin’ moron Jerry Riviera is! The only thing he knows about physical altercations is raping Bette Midler, who was high as a kite, in her battub!


“Rivera said that Scott “was acting very hinky, very edgy” and that he
allegedly struggled with Slager after the officer used his stun gun.”

Unfortunately for you Jerry,that base has already been covered:

“U.S. Supreme CourtTennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)Tennessee v. GarnerNo. 83-1035Argued October 30, 1984Decided March 27, 1985*471 U.S. 1APPEAL FROM THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUITJUSTICE WHITE delivered the opinion of the Court.This
case requires us to determine the constitutionality of the use of
deadly force to prevent the escape of an apparently unarmed suspected
felon. We conclude that such force may not be used unless it is
necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to
believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious
physical injury to the officer or others.”



Intense…horrible…blood boiling…

Maybe the officer planned it anyway…

with all those emotions still swirling in his brain after looking at FOX “news” before starting his shift…


Here I thought Geraldo was like a licensed Attorney and all… Guess it’s true that working at FAUX firsts rots your ethics and morals, then your soul, and finally your brain loses the ability for critical thinking.


FOX News has become the shill for the KKK…I’m sorry, but the dashcam video proves that this white police officer gunned down an unarmed black man in cold blood. I don’t care if the man was running. What’s worse- the officer had a **** tazer- and while yes, they aren’t necessarily perfect- he never once tried to take down Scott with less than deadly force.


I don’t know how agitated the cop was, since the very moment after he shot a man in the back, he was quite calmly starting his coverup to frame the dead man.


BTW:There has been a push for body cameras,if you notice this discussion has been going on now for a couple of days with clear evidence for the most part to what happened,Rodney King another example on video tape Eric Garner in Staten Island another example but there is still discussion,so what will the body cameras bring to the table if not more discussion ?

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That’s right, Jerry. We want our officers to make life and death decisions with their blood boiling after an exhausting 250 yard dash chasing an unarmed citizen who likely feared for his life, righteously it turns out.


Shorter Geraldo: Death penalty for running from officer is totally understandable because the officer’s feelings were hurt. And, no, I totally don’t have a clue as to how the officer forgot to start CPR and calmly started to plant evidence.

Get real, Gerry!


Geraldo is right. Acting ‘hinky’ is a capital crime deserving of immediate execution.


HE WAS RUNNING AWAY, NOT THREATENING THE COP. Sure, he takes off as soon as the cop walks away from the initial stop (I’d also note that I don’t see a broken taillight used to justify the stop). That doesn’t mean he should have been murdered. That’s the entire fucking issue. Running from the cops is NOT a death sentence. For fucks sake, they had his car and a passenger at that time. How about sitting tight, doing some fucking police work, and picking him up later? What about this incident was so exigent that he needed to be arrested RIGHT there? I’ll tell you, nothing. Not one damn thing. This was murder for disobedience, plain and simple.


Harsh, but fair.


I guess the cop wasn’t acting ‘hinky’ when he had the mental clarity and calmness needed to plant evidence after the murder.


The widely-accepted excuse by police that aiming at legs or arms isn’t possible is one of two things: either an attempt to justify the use of deadly force without regard to circumstances, or an admission that their officers are terrible shots. I’ve done enough target shooting at the distance that Slager was from Scott to know that if you’re unable to hit someobody in the leg with the kind of weapon that Slager had, you’re fucking incompetent with your weapon. Slager wasn’t running himself—he was in a classic stationery firing position—and Scott was unarmed and running in a straight line, not bobbing and weaving or firing back.

It’s a cold-blooded execution, plain and simple.


‘It was too soon to judge on one piece of evidence; we didn’t even know how many pieces there are.
But now we have two pieces of evidence. Yes, we still don’t know how many pieces there are, but this changes everything. I, Gerald Rivera, judgment-maker at larger, will now proceed to judgment.’

But this additional evidence only adds 1) justification for a police stop, and 2) more precisely damning exposure of the officer having filed a report full of multiple serious lies!

‘Be that as it may, Roger Ailes is experiencing pangs of possible professional embarrassment by the failure of his supposed news channel to cover this story beyond a very few barely incidental mentions & the typically shameless faux debate on Hannity’s show, so, the nation’s most notoriously inexplicable contrarian has been dispatched into the fray with his usual orders to throw up a positive spray of half-assed, bizarre and even utterly wrong bent analysis. You’re welcome, America!’


"Later, Rivera said that we must judge an officer “in his shoes” because “it’s an intense experience.” And, there it is. Being a cop is so difficult, so “intense” that we dare not judge their actions, and must allow them to do whatever the “intensity” of moment puts in their heads, however criminal and cowardly it may be.


Geraldo should know better!

The cop was overly aggressive in managing this minor incident.I would have loved to ask Geraldo, how does the officer overcome being seen planting evidence at the crime scene. If that does not signal “premeditation”, I don’t know what does!


“Righteous” traffic stop? Righteous, Jerry???
This wasn’t god stopping a terrorist. It was a frigging busted tail light and that by itself is questionable. It’s a black man driving an expensive car. Considering all the shootings of black men I’m not surprised the guy ran. Yes he should not have run but I understand why… And not the least was his record. He’d had some charges. Not seriously major like murder or anything but there were charges. Still, Jerry, it’s no reason for the cop to summarily execute him with eight shots, Jerry.
You really are a jerk.
And I’m very glad I don’t watch Fox except for baseball.


I’d sure like to hear Geraldo’s explanation for the total lack of audio evidence of a physical struggle either before or after the ex-officer yells “taser, taser, taser.” From my hearing there was no altercation prior to shots fired. And the subsequent ‘planting’ of that taser next to the body after the fact of the shooting and yelling proves the malice and forethought to make it murder.