Discussion: George W. Bush: From South Carolina Cameo To Starring Role

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Put him a flight suit … that otta work ----


So this is what abject desperation looks like. And here I thought it was when Babs showed up. Silly me.

¡Ebb with Jeb! 2016


We can expect some exquisite bathtub paintings from George the Dumb Torturer from his South Carolina hotel room next week.


the only guy who is honest among GOP clowns: the Donald. Hit’em again, hit’em again, harder harder … the world will celebrate when dubya dies (or, as in my case, when each member of that family dies: children, spouses, remotest ancestors and relatives - the gene pool needs refreshing and disposal of the trash).

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Bush campaign aide Brett Foster going so far as to say that George W. Bush is “the most popular Republican alive.”

… no wonder JEB!'s campaign is floundering… his staff are all on crank while he’s doing LSD…

If George is all that popular in South Carolina, then my opinion of SC just dropped about by half.

I believe that GWB is the worst President of all times, the type of person you’d have to be to think that he was a great President can’t possibly be what this nation’s future is resting on.
Jeb? is absolutely counting on complete imbecils to bring him out of the dungeon. It isn’t going to happen.


For god sake bring ole Dubya out again, please! Remind Democrats why it is imperative that they get out and vote in November!!


How disgusting. This creature and his disgusting VP and his Cabinet should have been tried before the World Court of Justice. Now he is feeling comfortable showing his face in public to support his brother who is telling us how G W kept us safe during his reign of error. Just when you think politics cannot sink any lower…


Gosh, compared to the current GOP clown car club, old GWB looks good even to me!!

South Carolina is such a lovely place. It speaks so poorly of a segment of their populace to think that the worst President in modern history, an admitted war criminal guilty of crimes for which we executed Japanese soldiers in WWII, could be considered an asset to a political campaign.

Proving once more that, to so-called “conservatives,” truth is in the eye of the beholder.

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I think SC is a test to see if GWB will help or hurt. Sure they loved him when he was in office or at least before the economy nosed dived during his last term. Will be interesting to see if they have forgiven and forgotten.

Probably off topic, but someone needs to splain the correct word to use when describing the time a president is in office. Reign applies to a king. A president has a term of office.

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Yeah, but if it fails, Jeb’s dead. That makes it seem less of a test and more of a Hail Mary.

Jebby’: “Mama’!!! Come to South Carolina and help me. Trump is being mean to me! …And you call George and make him come too! For some reason these weirdos still like him; it could be because he’s a dumb as they are. Thank you Mama’!”

Upon arriving, George Dumbya’ Bush demonstrated that he had not changed when he declared that his favorite letter of the alphabet is still ‘turnip.’

And then he burst into song:

♪ ♪┗ ( ・o・) ♪♪ I’d unravel every riddle’
For any individdle’
…In trouble or in pain

With the thoughts I be a thinkin’
I could be another Lincoln

If I only had a brain. ♪┏(・o・)┛♪


Here’s hoping for failure!

Yikes, looks like yellow worms crawling out more than hay!

BRING that dirty rotten LITTLE-BASTARD on. I hate that MF’r

Hey, George, your BROTHER will never be president. YOU POS.

George W. Bush LIED and people died… Our WORLD today is brought to YOU by George W. Bush.

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kinda looks like saddam with the beard shaved off.
Wonder how many days it took to dry him out enough to let him back into the population.
He has that, " Who am I " look
Duh, can I paint your face, I’m an artist you know.
I could go on and on and on.
But honestly, one of the biggest failures this country ever came up with.
Set us back 50 years unfortunatly.

the guy who ignored terrorist attack warnings before 911. the guy who lied us into a disastrous war in iraq. the guy who had his buddy brownie mishandle the katrina response. the guy who took us into the deficit delirium with his tax cuts for the wealthiest. the guy who led us into a monstrous recession.

i see. this guy is going to tell me who to vote for? not.