Discussion: Gay Marriage Bans In South Will Be Heard In Federal Court

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It’s going to happen whether you dig in your heels or not, Republicans.


Conservatives’ overweening desire to give their bigotry and hate the force of law will never stop, even after the Supremes rule on the issue—a ruling that is very likely to overturn the remaining unconstitutional anti-equality laws.

This will play out like the abortion issue has done.
Conservatives will try anything to thwart marriage equality, because their warped ideology requires a convenient domestic enemy—gay people, women who seek abortions, minorities who seek fair treatment, et al----to keep the conservative base from realizing that its so-called leaders are using the base to gain power while stripping the base of any economic gains or real power.

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Oh you Rightie GOPig Cons! You seem unwilling, or perhaps unable, to comprehend the fact that someone else gaining equal rights does not infringe on your rights or take rights away from you. It does, however, make it illegal for loathsome, depraved and hate mongering people like you to enforce your prejudice and hate. Now wasn’t that easy to understand?

You’re welcome!

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Chris Geidner ‏@chrisgeidner

Judges Higginbotham & Graves are very skeptical of LA’s arguments in defense of the state’s same-sex marriage ban, likely to be struck down.

Higginbotham, after Smith cited Heller for saying “imperfect fit” is allowed, responded that imperfect fit may be OK, but “no fit” is not.

[Buzzfeed reporter who is sort of their SSM expert]