Discussion: Gay Hotelier Apologizes for Hosting Cruz Event

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Translation: wow, this really backfired big time and is costing us business.


I think his apology is quite sincere, inasmuch as it makes him sound ignorant of the actualities that affect gay rights. Who would admit to such ignorance were it not true?

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That folks is what a real apology sounds like.

Not everyone is tuned into politics every minute so I believe he did not know the extent of Cruz’s bigotry.


Now to really rub it in to the Gopers, someone should run a campaign to get pizza money for these guys from the RW.

“I had no idea this right-wing idealogue was vehemently anti-gay!”

Whatever, dumbass.


“…co-host a dinner with Cruz at my home…”

I missed this detail earlier.

I guess he’s Republican who gives money to both sides, as many rich business people do to cover the bases. For some, the economic issues (ahem) are more important the the social issues (also ahem). In this case, he got caught, that is, his actions got seen by non-insiders. Damage control. Was he ignorant of the Cruz positions? I doubt it but it is credible that he hadn’t listened to Cruz’s ravings before. Maybe he’ll adjust his politics after this.

Also, there is some hypocrisy here in punishing gay owners for “serving” or working with politicians with anti-gay views while complaining about the I think bogus Religious Liberty exceptions.

Also, there is some hypocrisy here in punishing gay owners for “serving” or working with politicians with anti-gay views while complaining about the I think bogus Religious Liberty exceptions.

Sorry, I’m not buying the equivalency. In the latter case we have a business who sells cakes to any and all parties except gays who want to marry. In the former you have a gay businessman raising money for an anti-gay bigot.


I’m not buying into this BS lameass apology either.

How many here would be that ignorant about who you give your money to? Shame on anyone stupid enough to give money to a grifter like Cruz… I doubt this guy became wealthy by being a clueless ignoramus.

On the bright side, Cruz just spectacularly exposed himself as a greedy grifter so power to him.


Translation: I knew Cruz wants to fuck over minorities, but I didn’t realize that includes me!


It is really appalling that this doofus could self-identify as gay, be making money off the gay community and not know who’s who among the top homophobes in the country. Is he log-cabin gay? Or just self-loathing? What’s next? Disco-themed fundraiser at the local gas chamber?


Someone who only think about profits.


He’s a one-percenter gay for whom “gay rights” is a term that doesn’t have any meaning. Because you can buy yourself out of oppression. I’ve met many like this. I’ve even heard one gay one percenter quip - this was years ago, but still - something to the effect that if those gays want their rights they should get careers where they can have enough money to travel in the circles where people in power will give them the time of day. It sounded kind of like a Roy Cohn speech from “Angels in America.”


Jesus Christ, dude, you’re not a young twink anymore – you’re a gay man who has had well long enough time to learn and understand the ins and outs of gay life here in America and how fear and politics have played an oversized role.

I don’t know you guys that well, so I’m willing to accept your apology here. That said, now the general community knows you and your business partner. Please do due diligence in the future.

If you really don’t give a fuck about the rest of us and care more about your bank account, then by all means continue on. If you do give a fuck about the rest of us–and not just the optics or the money you’ve been making off us for all these years, then please act like it. Inform yourself. Thank you.


“…without taking the time to completely understand all of his positions on gay rights.”

Bull. You’d have to be in a coma not to know what that man’s views on gays are. You got greedy sleazeball.


Too Late !

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Horseshit-it was a money-raiser, not natural commerce.


It was ever thus: Lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas.


but the real problem is, even tho I am worth millions, he still wants to punish me!

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Holy Fucking Hypocrisy, Batman! Where are all those RW Christianist Teabagger Defenders of Freedom of Speech and Liberty who were willing to die on the Holy True Cross for Phil Robertson and his Brethren of the Sainted Dynasty of Ducks? Why aren’t they throwing their Baby Jesus-blessed dollars and their vocal support to these two poor, downtrodden, oppressed conservative “job creators”?
Gee, my mind must be going, because I cannot for the life of me figure out why. Maybe it’s because they’re from New York City.