Discussion: Gay Foster Parents Push To Reverse Order To Remove Child From Their Care

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It seems like the judge just pulled this out and did it on his own initiative, just to be an asshole. The state put the child with them, and the biological mother wanted them to adopt and raise her, so there doesn’t seem to have been any actual legal challenge.


I hope when his end comes it is a painful miserable death.


“I’m a little puzzled by the action down there, personally,” Herbert said,

Uh huh. Sure you are. Was this quote caught going into the club to celebrate the ruling, or as he was coming out of the club celebrating the ruling?


Hey now…be fair…taking that piece out of context ignores that he acknowledged that this appears to violate the law and be judicial activism. We shouldn’t discourage them when they get it right if we want progress.


a more traditional home

Does the judge have children? Is his wife a professional? Only asking because high profile couples like the judge and his wife are not known for their parenting skills’’’

Johansen is married and has children and grandchildren, according to his wife’s Facebook account. He and his wife, Laurel, a nurse, live in Castle Dale.

“Judge Who Took Foster Child From Gay Couple: Hetero Parents Better For Baby.”

I hear the Duggars have an opening.


For folks who bellow that that people should decide, they sure rely on judges a lot.

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And there it is. The sad thing is, to this stupid fuck, the Duggars WOULD be a better choice.


“I’m a little puzzled by the action down there, personally,” Herbert said, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. "[The judge] may not like the law, but he should follow the law. … We don’t want to have activism on the bench in any way, shape or form." (Republican Governor of Utah)

Holy Wow, Batty Republican there in the Utah Governor’s Seat. What gives? He wants to follow the law?


Utah judge rips foster child from married lesbian couple’s home, says she’d be better off with straight parents:

Outrageous and unconstitutional. They have met all conditions required according to the DCFS. There is a reason there are anti-discrimination laws.

Oh, Utah. A baby who could be out of the foster system, and a judge who seems out of order. Sigh


Yay! It’s not Texas this time!

Even one day away from his parents is too much for the child. Reversing the order isn’t enough. Irreversible harm is done. There has to be consequences in cases like these where the judge isn’t following the law, and oversteps his authority. Abuse of power or something.


I think this is just part of the LDS’s kinder, gentler policy towards the LGTB community.

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Well, I will acknowledge that hetero is better at the very, very beginning.

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It’s good to hear DCFS is on this couple’s side. DCFS saying the judge’s ruling is NOT in the best interest of the child should go a long way toward a quick reversal, hopefully by writ from the Appellate court.


How the hell did these two women end up being gay anyway? I don’t recall reading they spent time in prison?


And lonely.

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This child belongs with those parents. There are several things wrong here:

  1. Taking a child away from the parents it knows is wrong and causes damage. There has been substantial research demonstrating this over a long period of time.
  2. Contravening the wish of the birth parent is wrong.
  3. And as a matter of judicial behavior, it is wrong on your own hook to seek out evidence and not even bother to tell the actual litigants what it is. This deprives them – unfairly – of any opportunity to show that it is wrong. The judge should be disbarred.
  4. The bulk of the evidence is that same sex housesholds are as good or better at raising children. Almost of all of the ‘research’ arguing otherwise is badly conducted by prejudiced nut jobs.

And that too for sure.

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This judge should be removed from the bench. End of story unless the couple want to sue for damages.

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