Discussion: GA's Outdated Election System May See Changes In Light Of Gov Race Scrutiny

Lets start with the secretary of state supervising elections he is involved in.


I’m sure Governor UnKemp will be all over this.

And not in a good way…

He’ll likely out-source the project to Kris Kobach, who has a lot of time on his hands now…


Shorter Republican
But…but…We like it broken
We’re good with it


So it would cost about $5 a citizen to put in a known-working system. Way too much.

It’s interesting to read the touch-screen holdouts trying to figure out a way to justify their crap. (And just what will people do if they find out that their “receipts” have the wrong information? And if there is a “receipt” then why the separate non-human-readable bar code? Talk about rube goldberg)


Once the populace begins to mistrust election results, it becomes almost impossible to restore trust. We are in very dangerous territory here and there are a thousand guys out there who know more about electronic voting machines than the entire election board put together and they are willing to do just about anything for a few million dollars.

At my last job the corporate overlords decided to install some software for the nurse case managers to use that was bought (for millions) in a sweetheart deal with a company being run by a former CEO of the same corporation. It was a first order disaster and trying to manage it was the number one thing that inspired be to retire 4 years ahead of schedule despite iffy personal finances.

The people making the choices in our elections here in the 21st century are, for the most part, woefully unqualified. I anticipate much worse scandals around elections going forward despite people’s best efforts. If a machine can be programmed to reverse or disappear your vote, it can be programmed to give you a receipt that shows what you actually voted for despite the ultimate failure of the vote being counted correctly.


Putting aside all the reasons why they don’t want paper ballots, isn’t this sufficient on its face for any “Republican” to favor hand-marked optically-read paper ballots?

Republican State Rep. Barry Fleming, who co-chairs the commission, said costs vary widely. Initial expenditures would be roughly $50 million for a hand-marked paper ballot system and about $150 million for a ballot-marking machine system, he said at last month’s meeting.

We’ve been using this in MA for as long as I can remember, and it’s easy, fast, and verifiable. Which, of course, are some of the reasons Republicans don’t want this.


This has worked for the status quo in GA for decades…another means to minimize the "other"and ensure the GOP iNvokes their will with impunity. Voters be damned.


Yep, and now that there is the scintilla of a chance of some so called Republicans flirting, I say, flirting with contested primaries of Donald Trump, the GA GOP is not going to do anything that might encourage that.