Discussion: Gary Johnson Won't (Or Can't) Name North Korea’s Leader

I’m beginning to wonder if he’s just gaming the media, because if it weren’t for gaffes, he’d get no coverage.

Getting tiresome, in any case, imo.


Disqualified for stupidity. Yet he is polling at 7%. And Trump is at 43%.
What the hell, America?! Snap out of it!


Paging Bill Weld. Time to close down the clown show.


I would love to see the evidence to support the idea that not knowing things leads to good decision making.


I can see why he would think that the media is out to get him with these questions. What I don’t see is how HE doesn’t see that if he answered just one of these questions right the media just may lay off for a while. He doesn’t want to answer the media’s questions on foreign policy, what the hell was he planning on doing in a debate had he made it in? Brain fart his way through? Do brain farts smell? He’d be convicted of war crimes for the use of chemical warfare by the end of the 90mins.

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As a strict constitutionalist, does Mr. Johnson not realize foreign policy is a MAJOR chunk of the power of the presidency? Between treaties, the Commander in Chief, appointments to the cabinet and ambassadors, and the reception of foreign ambassadors, there’s A LOT there. Does he really think ‘delegating it all’ is a really respectable answer?

Separately, I will add that the fact he can’t name any foreign leaders is sad. But worse is that no world leaders can name him either, nor could most of the American public.


Who cares what Gary Johnson does or doesn’t know? No, seriously – who actually cares?


The man is becoming more and more Palinesque with each passing day. It’s bad enough that he doesn’t know these things, but it’s made worse by what appears to be a total disinterest in trying to educate himself. The fact that he didn’t immediately follow the MSNBC Aleppo gaffe by locking himself in a bunker studying up on foreign policy leads me to believe he has no interest in doing the work necessary to be a competent president. To me, that makes him every bit as scary as Trump and Palin.


Given his libertarianness, I’m confused that he isn’t locked in a bunker 24x7 in fear of the UN, government collapse, etc. He should have tons of free time to study up.


A surprising number of my Facebook friends who supported Sanders.


A large portion of his supporters have no clue what his policies are, nor what the impact of their adoption would be.


I’m sure. Those Sanders supporters never seem to stop disappointing you, do they Plucky?

I personally don’t know a single Sanders supporter, and I know lots, who is supporting Johnson. I’m sure there are some, but I think the vast majority of Johnson supporters are Libertarians and disaffected Republicans.

I’m surprised TPM didn’t cover the Weld/Johnson split on who they are attacking. Weld announced that he will only attack Trump from now on, for the obvious reasons. Johnson then said that since Weld is attacking Trump, he’ll attack Hillary.
I mean—fuck him.
He’s not just stupid, he’s a dick.


Oh come on! How toasted is his brain? COME ON GARY …

JUST SAY “KIM” … you get partial credit for “KIM” …

there have been three leaders of North Korea - and they are all named KIM and all crazy

Kim Il-sung … then … Kim Jong-il … now … Kim Jong-un

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Trump and Johnson supporters seem to think that because intelligent people have not had uniform success in governing, it naturally follows that an idiot would do better.


If I didn’t know, I would say “Kim Park Lee”… sure to get some partial credit :wink:

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In other news Gary Johnson has asked for printed directions to his front door so he doesn’t miss his next press conference.


Both of these third party candidates are utterly ridiculous, and one would think that both parties have compromised themselves fatally as viable options for people who don’t want to vote Democrat or Repubican.

But then again, Bigfoot and UFO “research” has been irredeemably compromised by hoaxes and utter BS for decades, and it doesn’t stop either of those groups continue to thrive and bilk people, so I guess Greens and (Psuedo)Libertarians are in good company.

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Too much marijuana. Aren’t Libertarians just Republicans that smoke weed? Ask him which String Cheese Incident show is his favorite. He probably has it on his iPhone. (12/31/2015 - Broomfield, CO)