Discussion: Gallup: Support For Same-Sex Marriage At All-Time High

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I think it has to exceed 60 percent in order to count. At least that is what Mitch McConnell told me.


Unfortunately for Democrats, the courts are doing for gay marriage what would have had to be done at the polls, otherwise. The GOP leaders are smart enough to know that as long as the courts make gay marriage legal, the ball’s out of their hands, so they don’t have to have that fight, electorally, which takes away a Democratic talking/running point.

So this poll and the recent rulings are all good news for the country, but bad news politically, for Dems. Ach, irony.

If it was just girl-on-girl, support would be up near 80%.


Huh? Rights should never, ever be put to a vote. So no this should never have been or should be issue to be solved at the polls.


Respectfully disagree.

This helps Democrats at the margins politically. The rabid socially Conservative base of the GOP will still agitate over this issue and it will be a part of any stump speech from the likes of Huckabee and Santorum. However, any Republican looking to win statewide will stay away from the issue like the plague.

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Good one. By Senate rules, this poll clearly shows Americans are not in favor of same-sex marriage.

Only if they’re both hot. That’s the rule.

I’m with you. Worst thing the gay community ever did was participate in these elections over whether we should have the right to marry or not. No one ever put the civil rights acts to a vote! We should have gone directly to courts first, and ignored polls and elections and such.

Even the closeted voters are coming out. Half the closets in America have been emptied and I believe that is where the Obamacare fight is now hiding : )

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Exactly, Republicans lose on just about every social issue. When they’re forced to articulate their position because of a court ruling, in order to please their rabid base they have to take the position of being vehemently opposed to gay marriage. As you said, guys like Huckabee and Santorum are more than happy to make it an issue.

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Equality is more popular than ever with the lovers of liberty.

Teabaggers likes 'em them girls whut pretends to kiss other girls on the internets. Whut is it they calls 'em? Libyans? Or is it Lebanese?

well as long as their not eatin shyte out of a cup…lol

This is indeed good news. From a straight wine-sipping college elitist, about phuggin’ time society catches up with modernity!

That said, I gotta rain some Two Buck Chuck on your parade.

Has it occurred to anyone, that the corporate royalists who run the Conservative side of things, might be giving us this one because they don’t really care one way or the other? As long as the upper 1% continue to find new ways to take what little wealth the rest of us have, as long as the middle class slides into indentured servitude, as long as public goods continue to be plundered into the hands of business…do you think the Kochs and Adelson and Whitman and the rest, really care who you marry?

Food for thought, no? It’s wonderful that we’re getting marriage equality, just don’t forget that an egalitarian economy might be harder.

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Good news. The approval rating will continue to climb. Is there no issue Republicans are not willing to be on the wrong side of? Luckily for us the GOP brand is sliding into that grave with their dying base. Good riddance.

This is great! Let’s have a poll about each marriage to see if we support it. If a majority doesn’t, then we dissolve the marriage.

Uh…kind of a leap in logic, no? How is this really going to help Republics or even more out there, hurt Democrats? I would say it’s a wash.

Gridlock, economic policy, and staying out of needless war. These are the issues that will matter. Social and lifestyle questions, are and have always been distractions.

Nonetheless, the ultra-right believe that their moral superiority & their personal infallible knowledge of “right & wrong” makes all of this public opinion stuff meaningless - their position is that their “correct” perspective should be the rule - popular opinion be damned - guys like Huckabee and Santorum - will hold to the idea that they are anointed to impose moral standards on the country & then the world.

Get yer waders on, Ray Jay! We’re about to be hip deep in a flood of Santorum.