Discussion: G-20 Calls For More Dialogue On Trump-Fueled Trade Tensions

I think the G-20 communique should have just come out and said: “And it’s all primarily because the US president is a fucking idiot.”


The Mnoooch will try to bullshit his way through this. He will fail and be mocked like the United States on the world stage.
Oh and Russia “meddling” is a big hoax. Sarah Chuckleberry will make that comment. The world will face palm with us all.


I am glad Mnuchin is on this, I feel a lot better knowing that such an intelligent and experienced person has the fate of the world’s economy in his hands. Did he bring his harpy along so she could feel up some freshly printed Euros?


One fake Reality TV billionaire wannabee pretending to be a Clint Eastwood President (read really old, has to take a nap during the afternoon old, and pretend macho tough guy) and a Secretary of the Treasury whose prior experience consisted of producing and financing prototypical American Hollywood bullshit. Good thing Kudlow is on the team to inject some sober, research based analysis to the country’s economic policy…


… or at least some tv style fox news faux economic/business bluster.

Mnuchin said […] “Anytime that they want to sit down and negotiate meaningful changes, I and our team are available.”

He went on to add….“Especially if there are some very fine gifts and perks thrown in for the little wife. She’s grown accustomed (wink, wink).”

Yeah really Donald doesn’t have a fucking clue how to do business outside of someone giving him money and them putting his name on stuff.

Its just a matter of time (maybe minutes) before tRump engages the world in sparking a currency war with China as well. And you thought trade wars was the worst he could do to fuck up the country on a practical basis for the average Joe. Hah. tRump has so much more bonker shit up his sleeve to distract the country from his criminal culpability in office and his complicity with Putin. He even had to reach into his bag of worn-out tricks last week to rage against NFL players kneeling again. Who gives a shit about football in July? Apparently, a desperate tRump does.

As long as he holds office, no one is safe from his antics…not even those so-called masters of the universe on Wall Street anymore.


IMHO, the real reason.