Discussion: French President Says He Will Close Borders, Declare State Of Emergency

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When are they going to start building a wall?

Oh wait. They tried that once before didn’t they?

Ah, you build a wall and next thing you know somebody catapults a cow over it.


The Maginot line was not a wall but a series of fortified tunnels with rail lines etc. for supplying and resupplying their armed forces.

Right. So if they’d built a WALL, Hitler would’ve died of complications from Parkinson’s in a nursing home.

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I just heard on the news that big mouth Trump tweeted after the attacks something to the effect “It’s it interesting a country that has such gun control would have suffered these attacks” being very sarcastic, and a high member of the french cabinet tweeted back calling him repugnant and vulgar.


Anyone still want to claim Islam is a religion of peace? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? …

To be fair, that tweet was from back in January. However, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he says something equally dickish about this attack. In fact I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t.

Anyone still want to claim Islam is a religion of peace? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? …

It’s a religion that some followers use as an excuse to practice or support organized violence in pursuit of power, in the same way that some right wing Christians and some right wing Jews do with their religions.


Trump is not the only foul-minded conservative: check out these ultra-compassionate tweets posted well before the French SWAT teams assaulted the Bataclan Concert Hall.

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Doesn’t entirely seem like the right time for this conversation… but I highly suggest you look at tribal impact over religious impact if you want to understand some of the more bat-shit crazy behavior in the world. I am an atheist… but also an historian and people who look to religion first are actually very wrong when identifying motivating factors for a lot of things. Not to say it has no impact… but backwards people are backwards regardless of their religious leanings. (Ok… I should have mentioned that I am an “intellectual historian”, or someone who studies the history of thoughts and most people normally get it really wrong).

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Then again, I find “true believers” of any stripe to be very scary. If you think that “god” is telling you what to do, there’s simply no limit on what you’re capable of. The religious identity may, of course, be a proxy for something else - ethnic differences, economic disparities, and so on - but it’s often the religious belief that gives rise to the most horrendous behavior.

Differing in that it’s almost always religion-- as opposed to faith-- that is the springboard to extremism.


To be honest, I have a lot of trouble with “faith.” By definition, faith is the willingness to believe in things for which there is no evidence. To my mind, when you embrace faith, you are rejecting rational thought, and have thrown away the only tools you have for determining what’s real and what isn’t. I think that makes you dangerous.

Which you have a right to postulate.
But there are those who don’t allow faith to be the overriding determinant in situations requiring critical thinking.
My faith, for instance, is important in the makeup of my persona and moral clarities–
but never would I ‘seek guidance’ in my work. (Lord? Do I purchase Dell or HP?) :wink:

The abundance of zealotry that gets megaphoned to us media-wise–
gives rise to a natural prejudice against a person of faith-- being reasonable.

Religion OTOH? I have no use for.
My distinction between religion and faith?
IMHO religion is a haven for those who refuse to think for themselves.


That’s where we part company. I don’t think there’s any situation in life in which failing to use critical thinking is a net plus.