Discussion: Frats Plan To Lobby Congress To Make It Harder To Punish Campus Rape

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Fucking awesome. I’m gonna have to order like 5 tubs of that popcorn that comes in a big tin barrel with that divider thing in the middle and different flavors of popcorn. This si such a fan-fucking-tabulous opportunity for the GOPers/Teatrolls to fall all over themselves saying the wrong shit, proving their misogyny and losing female voters. Oh man…should be epic…


If something like this passes I want colleges across the country to then disband all fraternities and sororities.


" to require that campus sexual assault cases be resolved in the criminal justice system before a university can discipline the accused."

This is pretty transparent. Any lawyer worth a cup full of piss can delay that shit for a couple years while the kid graduates and the school loses any power to discipline him.


I don’t think it will ever pass Congress, but if fraternities begin to say it is there religious freedom to rape that’s being trampled-upon, expect the U.S. Supreme Court to grant them the right to act upon their “sincerely-held religious beliefs”, as with the Hobby Lobby decision.

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The “rape lobbyists” is somewhat of an oxymoron, init?


Nah. What the GOP is going to do is attach it to some bill that determines whether the college can accept federal funds or not…or some similar way of linking it to the “power of the purse.” They’ll probably foresee that kind of reaction and add language preventing it, claiming that they’re protecting the freedom to assemble.

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How fascinating that young white man of means consider it their legal right to rape.


Print every frat member’s name so the whole country can know who the little rich perverts are.


Yeah, I think you’ve got it. But colleges and universities can expel students just as employers can fire workers for any reason as long as it’s not because of race, gender or religion. This is a farce of a bill, but I bet all the former fraternity boys in Congress, especially the misogynistic Republican ones, will champion something like this to “protect” the “religious” rights of frat boys to rape women.


That is absolutely not true, particularly where it concerns state-run universities.

Hasn’t it always been that way? And white women of means can abort their pregnancies.

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Like I said, they’ll “power of the purse” it. “If you want to enroll students who receive Stafford Loans, then you have to do it this way…otherwise, no federal gravy train for you.” State schools are even easier to lock up on this issue…and they’re some of the largest schools out there.


Exactly. As it is now, in many jurisdictions it takes years for a felony case to work it’s way to trial. Meanwhile, the rapist could continue to assault others and harass the victim as they remain on campus. Also, let’s not forget that criminal cases are often thrown out or prosecutors decline to prosecute, not because the victim is 100% credible, but because of technicalities within the legal system. To deny colleges the ability to get these people off their campuses is just disgusting. The frats and sororities who sign on to this mess should be immediately shuttered by every school where they have a presence.

Agreed, and were it to pass the Senate, one Mr. Barack Obama would do the Crip Walk his way to the veto pen. This is a fight I think he’d love to have and HRC would high five him for it.


Perhaps I am mistaken. I have a relative who was expelled from a state-run university simply for cheating.


But the question is, will Wall Street let their dads skip a couple hours out of the day to do the lobbying?

No offence but… When I was in college, most of the frat members I knew were douche bags… just my personal experience…


Yeah, but if he was expelled for cheating, that’s not “no reason.”

Good one, Teen…

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I DID NOT say “no reason”. Please read what I wrote. I wrote “for ANY reason”.

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