Discussion: Fox's Bill O'Reilly: Obama Doesn't Get This Is 'Holy War' (VIDEO)

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Of course, had President Obama declared this to be a “Holy War”, the likes of Bill O’Reilly would be loudly criticizing him for it.


O’Reilly said that Obama’s handling of ISIL “may define his entire presidency” if the para-state continued its expansion

Of course he did. Every other way they’ve promised that Obama was going to destroy the world has been proven to be a non-issue, so they have to keep coming up with new ways he’s going to screw up the world. Hey, I know everything else we warned you about was bullshit, but this time we’re serious. Trust us!


There’s no winning the battle of semantics with The Right. If Obama uses the phrase “Holy War” the goalposts will get moved and he’ll be pilloried for failing to employ “Crusades”. I suppose so long as TRW. Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics and the rest of the defense contractors get more pie it doesn’t matter.

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And here I was using their desire for a “Holy War” all this time as a somewhat hyperbolic accusation and insult towards them…but NOOOOOOOO…they have to go and get literal on it. I’m guessing the only thing they want more is their prophesied “Race War.”


Need some clarity Bill. You are proclaiming “The holy war is here” - so specifically - but without parsing words / dancing with nuances, tell us the sides - since “Holly” would mean “religious” - what is it ? All Christians against all Muslims? All religions against all Muslims? or are you going to get into identifying ‘good’ Muslims and ‘bad’ Muslims - kind of gets messy … Gosh Bill, kind of makes you look like an idiot when you try to simplify it down to basically ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’

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I wonder how many times this clip from O’Reilly is being played for recruiting purposes by militant groups. Idiots like O’Reilly have no idea how their propaganda can backfire, and they probably don’t care as long as it makes Obama look bad.


these F–k--g warmongers… that is exactly what they want. or think they want. i say send people like bill o reilly and sarah palin some suits of armor and rusty swords and drop them in the middle east to fight their own fucking crusade in the name of what every fucking god they want.

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Wow. Does Mr. Non-fiction not get that Iran, being dominantly and assertively Shiite, is an ally against ISIS, which is so militantly Sunni that they consider it their duty to kill all Shiites?
O’Reilly: spectacularly wrong, but never in doubt.


1 - Why is what Bill Oreilly says, why is the news? Why devote time and energy, writing article about this nonsense.

2 - If I had a nickle everytime a righty says “This will define his presidency” or predicting the collaspe of his presidency, I’d be a rich ma.

This buffoon frames the debate?? I say starve him of the oxygen that fuels his inanity, avoid giving him any type of media exposure.

Always rooting for death from a suite seat.


Yeah, look how well we’ve handled the Middle East so far. The Iraq War(s) turned out so well, we should just plan on every other Presidential (Republican) Administration to invade somewhere in the Middle East, that’ll show 'em!!

Well, in 2003-2004, by the time anybody really looked around for the factual proof behind all the polemics being spewed by the entire Republican establishment, we were already having our soldiers killed in Iraq.

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Suppose the President declared “holy war”; what would change? The US has declared was on poverty, cancer and drugs and all of those are still here.

It’s truly ironic that the same bunch that blasted Obama for using the term “Crusades” freely admit that the Crusades continue to this day. Without the participation of the O’Reillys of course.

Yeah. I was wondering just when O’Reilly signed up to be part of their propaganda wing.

W. understood it was a Holy War. In fact, God told W. to go lead a Crusade in the Middle East.
I don’t know whom to thank more: W. or God. Or maybe, Bill O’Reilly.


Just saying it gives ol o’really a boner

yep just ask george tiller how the propaganda crap billio oreally spews affects people…


This is just the next logical step to the WAR on CHRISTMAS. Right BILLo.

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