Discussion: Fox News Reporter Gets Cursed Out By Ferguson Protestor For Calling Demonstration 'Child's Play' (VIDEO)

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He’s kinda got a point…people who are openly defying a curfew when the lion’s share of citizens are at home are probably just looking for a confrontation and to stir shit up.

If it was the entire town in defiance, that would be different. But it’s not.

Edit: I was under the mistaken impression the curfew had been extended. It apparently was not.
A thousand pardons.


Looks like shit just got real for Fox and crew.


Wow! A confrontation with a real life thug! What a neat day for Fox.


There wasn’t a curfew last night.


He’s probably going to get an award from Roger Ailes. Just as soon as he changes his underwear.


He wasn’t arrested and/or shot with beanbags and rubber bullets as other members of the press were. That might be an eye opener for FOX.


Good. Smack those lying assholes.


Oh MY!

Coarse language!


There was no curfew.


He should be given a bravery award for not standing his ground with his 2nd amendment rights.

The freeze-frame for this is fascinating. The lean, cut young guy next to the pasty, doughy Fox guy.


No, there was no curfew and people have the right to assemble. People also have the right to carry long arms in a Walmart and people have the right to film inside a courthouse and they have the right to travel to Ferguson from other locations with the intention of stirring up trouble. It’s too bad more people don’t avail themselves of their right to exercise common sense.


Which one was the thug?


I find it quite funny – although I am not laughing at all – how the media was so enthralled by the phony Teabagger “revolution” during the 2010 election season, but now are faced with real anger and real resentment from people who have truly been oppressed (unlike the 2010 pasty-white Kochwhores) and have had their rights violated, and the media, as always in the modern Beltway Stenographer era, cannot deal with it. The situation in Ferguson shows the absolute incompetence of the Missouri authorities, thinking this whole thing will go away if they find the right way to package it for public consumption – acting as if the whole thing can be solved by a really good PR campaign. But the people in Ferguson, I believe, are not going to be dissuaded and are not going to give up. I don’t care how many of these 2AM press conference/prayer meetings the Right Reverend Captain Johnson has. He is just as clueless as the rest of the police in this, no matter how much the media tries to make him look like a saint.
And what is this bullshit about making the protesters keep walking? Bullshit of the highest form.
About the only thing I enjoy is watching FoxNews flail while trying to spin all the events their way. They just become more racist and more stupid and more ugly by the second, especially that fucking coward Billo, who doesn’t even have the balls to go down there himself, as Chris Hayes and others have done. Perhaps he’s afraid that Ferguson restaurants won’t serve him any iced tea, motherfucker.


Of course not, the fox news staff are completely behind the racist cops in Ferguson.


Breaking: clueless pasty doughboy set straight by someone who knows WTF is actually happening.


No, he doesn’t have a point and that’s the problem. First, there was no curfew to defy. Second, if you have really been paying attention, you would know that the number of protestors increase after dusk as people are joining after work (as well as coming from all around the country) and third, shit was stirred up when Michael Brown was gunned down and left in the street for 4 hours.

Also, please take some time to think about what is really the cause of this situation. Think about the amount of time that things like this have been happening in the ethnic communities. There is a long and thoroughly documented history in this country of people being oppressed and the oppressors turning around and blaming those same people for reacting negatively.


Whyah, how ungentlemanly of you suh. Ah say, suh, Ah say, there are ladies present.


GOPTeaVee shows up minimizing the protesters with the White Entitlement attitude telling them to go home at dusk like “legitimate” protesters (i.e. “act like white civilized people”). It’s no wonder such condescension was met with hostility.