Discussion: Fox News Posts Full Graphic Video Of ISIL Hostage Set On Fire

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“[Fox News] are literally – literally – working for al-Qaida and Isis’ media arm,” Nance said

Can FOX news be taken off the air now for treasonous behavior?

I’m not fucking joking either.


This is probably the worst editorial choice as I’ve ever run across by Fox. Repub idiocy is entertaining but this is snuff porn and I don’t care to look at it.
Jordanians are gonna go ballistic over this and demand vengeance. This pilot was the son of a high ranking man in the Jordanian gov’t and military. ISIS wants to remove Jordan from the coalition. But this will have the exact opposite reaction.
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This is not the " Islamic State" this group claims. There is nothing Islamic about them. It is a death cult of the worst kind. If there is a God sitting in Judgement one day, I would not want to be anywhere near members of ISIS…


Talk about useful idiots. But not useful to Americans, unfortunately.


Didn’t Fox label Al Jazeera as pro-al Qaida propagandists for broadcasting bin Laden’s video statements? How is this any different?


This says as much about the mindset of people who watch Fox as it does Fox itself. Fox evidently believes there is an audience that not only is willing to view this kind of thing, but in a way, appreciates it.

My mother, when she lived, was quite racist and conservative, and suspicious of just about everyone’s motives. She would sit in front of the television and tut tut and tsk-tsk about all the things she viewed as being indications of a society and world in decline. “What’s the world coming to? This country is finished.” But she never stopped watching the bullshit, and more-or-less patted herself on the back for maintaining her own sense of moral superiority in a “declining society.” She knew it was declining, because she saw it on TV.

In a sense, this was the moral/political equivalent of the old Woody Allen comment about the bad restaurant where the food was lousy and the portions were too small. She couldn’t get enough of the evidence of moral decay to tut tut about.

But she was also a total sentimentalist and would never watch anything that invoked animal cruelty and I wonder if Fox would show a video of an animal, say a dog, being burned alive by a gang of American hoodlums. My bet is that they would refuse to do it, because, like my mom, THAT would be a step too far.


These asshole snuff junkies at fox are AFU…
There must be something within the Constitution that gives Americans some measure of relief from this bag of terrorist shit (fox)

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Yes. People know terrorists and extremists will kill you. You won’t learn a damn thing about the reality of terrorism or anything else from watching that.

But even more than that, the bastards made the video so that it would be shown. I can’t think of a stronger argument for not showing it.


FCC should shut Faux down NOW. Period. Words can’t express how irresponsible, stupid, and counter-productive what they have now done truly is. That was a bridge too far and there’s no arguing otherwise. They are literally acting as the propaganda arm of ISIS at this point, all in their misguided, evil quest to provoke and stoke anti-Muslim fervor, hatred, bigotry and fear. Revoke the license, let the GOP/Teatrolls throw a fucking mad hissy fit until they cry themselves to sleep. Enough. Enough enough enough.

And you know what? If nobody has the balls to do it, then Anonymous should now go out and fuck Faux deep in its ass. Pull out all stops and destroy them.


This should be the rallying cry of a net protest against Fox news (not a partisan protest, but a human decency protest).


Folks at Fox News have no shame or human decency. No respect for the pilot and his family. By showing the video, they are giving ISIL what they want: Free publicity.

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It’s okay if the Fox entertainment channel does it, don’tcha know…

Their broadcasting decisions are based solely on the effect they will have on the ®-base viewers who watch the channel. I can just hear the producers in the back offices, “All the better to terrorize you with, my dears…”

The FCC has no authority over FoxNews because it is a cable-only “network.”


Of course they did, the person killed wasn’t an American, therefore in Fox News’ eyes, the are free to use the death of that “sub-person” to scare and entertain the real people, Americans.

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“”"“Baier said, “to bring you the reality of Islamic terrorism and to label it as such.””"""

I wonder if that douche understands that propaganda films only work if they are seen. It is the intent of ISIL to have this seen. FOX can expect a thank you letter soon.

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Good point. I’m so enraged right now, I’m not even thinking straight. I’ve never seen something so stupid in my life.

Roger Ailes and Richard Murdock should die in a fire.


Or royalties.

Here’s my email to newswatch@foxnews.com:
To Whom it may concern,

By showing the video of the gruesome execution of the Jordanian Pilot by ISIS, in my opinion, you have assisted ISIS in spreading its message. This is what ISIS wants and you happily complied. The FCC would be correct in pulling your broadcast license. Further I think showing that video is an act of treason in that it shows your support for this despicable death cult.


It turns out that the address I got FROM THE FOX NEWS WEB STE is no good. My email was rejected as “undeliverable”. OK then, Fox News are cowards who cannot even accept emails.


I would’ve gone with a terrorist organization at the end of the e-mail.

What’s even worse about the fact that they’re helping ISIL out by showing it, is the fact that Fox News basically hijacked somebody else’s dirty work for their own political agenda. We all know damn well why Fox News aired it. I just hope their idiot viewers got their money’s worth of rage porn and the Muslim hate-o-meter needle moved a bit for it. It came at the expense of a man getting burned alive.