Discussion: Fox News: Obama Executive Action Could Be 'Impeachment Bait'

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“Hah! The president is trying to sucker us into impeaching him but we’re just too smart for that, right Gretchen?”

“I’m Elizabeth, Brian. Gretchen left a couple of months ago.”

“Next up, the results of an IQ test between a sack of American-made hammers and our own Brian Kilmeade!”


OK, wingers, today’s words are “impeachment bait”.


Banks use cash as robbery bait.



Mercifully untroubled by the ravages of intelligence.

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That’s right Brian Fivehead, you guys don’t want to impeach, but Obama is making you do it. Makes total sense.


Yes! The evil Vulcan/Negro Mind-Meld is compelling our “minds” toward impeachment! It is the eleventy-dimensional chess: be afraid! Be very afraid!


Ask John Boehner.

Obama’s such a tort tease!


Will it rise to the level of impeachmentbaitgate?


Children learn through repetition

I mean, he does have a point. If they have to impeach Obama because they have to impeach Obama, who among us can’t see that they have to impeach Obama? But of course, if they don’t have to impeach Obama (yet) because there isn’t (yet) a reason to impeach Obama, then their political calculation should be honored because it’s better than being “baited” into something. Even if that something is impeaching Obama, and whether Obama has to be impeached.

Next up, our poll on the impeachment…


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You can see how the GOP rape conundrum spins the gears in their noggins. Responsibility for one’s actions in the Bubble is a fluid thing and it’s entirely contextual. People can make you do something to them simply by doing something you don’t like.

The joke in Texas is that He needed killin’ is a perfectly valid defense. He needed impeachin’ works fine in the Bubble too.

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TGOET, You had me at ‘5 MILLION Democrats WIth melON-sized calves’. Lol!

Why not this:

[quote] …saying Republicans would be “insane” to [fill in the blank] … [/quote[

Or merely

Yep, all of them, with some worse than others.

It’s like Sesame Street for idiots. Today’s word is brought to you by the letters I and B and the number 1…

Fucking Luntz certainly has his work cut out for him this time…

Impeachment bait, jail bait, it’s all good.

That was my thought too. Rupert generally gives his directives as to exactly what words to use. This has been demonstrated countless time by other news and entertainment organizations. If the phrase is being used repeatedly, in exactly the same cadence, then it is a Faux Noise directive to hammer the phrase into the general population.

Eh, Obama has certainly been taunting them over the matter:

Go ahead. Make my day [impeach me].