Discussion: Fox News Host: Obama's DOJ, FBI, IRS, CIA All 'Trying To Take Down' Trump


Well it’s nice to know we all got our talking points this morning.
How much of a windfall did you get from the Tax Cuts?
Just askin’


“President Obama, it seems to me, was politicizing all of his agencies: the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA; they were all involved in trying to take down Donald Trump.”

Going all-in with a hopeless hand is not a good strategy.


“President Obama, it seems to me, was politicizing all of his agencies: the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA; they were all involved in trying to take down Donald Trump.”

Yet not a single one of them said a word before the election. Strange.


I did not realize that the entire US intelligence community, working together, could be so incompetent.


Well then obviously that leaves exactly no source of information to believe but FOX and maybe the administration itself. Should be a big time-saver!


So it all still comes down to Presidenting While Black, doesn’t it?

These fckers need to be stopped.


Add this disgusting cow to the long list of traitors in this country who need their comeuppance. Need to run her nasty lying ass out of a fucking job.


“President Obama, it seems to me, was politicizing all of his agencies: the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA…"

“That kid who mowed the White House lawn?” she continued, “Kenyan infiltrator and Deep State spy!”


Then again
Consider the audience
It sure ain’t us.
Stirring up the pitchfork and torch crowd


At this rate. within a year the “Money Honey” will be reduced to giving $5 hand jobs in a Wall St. public washroom…


No, Fox. Trump is pretty much doing all he can to take his own self down.

So while you surely didn’t cover it - and the second half of the week obscured it - this story WILL, I believe, eventually become part of the country’s conventional understanding of how Trump runs this country. It took awhile in the W era - but eventually 70+% of the country came to believe/understand that the W’s administration lied us into a war where there were no weapons of mass destruction.

I encourage rereading this - and repeating it every where - all the time.

For a massive investment (1 billion) deeply increasing the likely future revenues for the Trump Inc, Trump alters foreign policy, in a way that potentially harms our national security. This is more than pay to play - This is using the entire US govt as a profit center for one’s personal business - and the country and it’s citizens be damned.


If only…


Grating level No. 1: These people never stop getting more ridiculous. Nowadays, they don’t even bother with the conspiracy theory — they just go straight to making ridiculous assertions without even having a false narrative to explain it.

I get that they have a fictional, paranoid construct about the DOJ and the FBI. Maybe, she could come up with some farfetched reason to include CIA in her list. But the IRS? Where is she getting that the IRS was working against Trump? There’s not even a lie to back that up.

Even more grating: The “knowing,” matter-of-fact way that she just blabs this out (and the “uh-huhs” coming from her seedy guests). These people lie so much that they’re getting better and better at it — until you actually compare what they say to known facts in the real world.

Most grating of all: 40 percent of voters believe this shit. Please, Please: Deport them back to England or Germany or Scotland or wherever their ancestors game from. These people are the real illegals!


She once was a semi-respected business journalist and now this crap. I wonder if these people simply have sold their soul in exchange for money and airtime or if they’ve just been so sucked into the Fox vacuum that they truly believe the crazy they are spewing.


I thought the conservatives believed our intelligence and law enforcement agencies were above reproach, and were the best at catching criminals and terrorists. Funny how they change their mind when the criminals they are chasing are the conservatives themselves.


She sold her soul for money, air time, privilege and prestige a long time ago when she worked at CNBC. Nothing’s really changed in that regard. She’s just so much more awful now that she tacked on conspiracy mongering to her title and resume. Oh, and she loves being called a money honey or she would have publicly denounced it and put an end to that characterization in some form, but hasn’t.


Disgraceful sellout.


Didn’t you know? When everyone else is saying you’re crazy, it means you’re the only one who’s sane!

Also Hope Hicks’ babydaddy…


She truly is a dumb bambino, isn’t she?

How could she be a big time Wall Street dealer and know NOTHING about how our politics works?

Truly dumb!!!