Discussion: Fox News Host: Ferguson Protests Stoked By 'Roving Band Of Minstrels'

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Minstrels? Like these? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZwuTo7zKM8


“Minstrels”? I think this asshole must be tripping. Can he be that clueless to use “minstrels”? I hope the Internet burns this motherfucker at the stake.


Guess he doesn’t know what a minstrel is? The Missouri State PD should have no trouble finding minstrels. Look at any Renaissance Faire


Greensleeves, farewell, adieu
To God I pray to prosper thee
For I am still thy lover true
Shake that thing one more time and love me.

Oh, oh, oh, very nice ditty there, Henry. Well, we’ve also heard from Friar Tuck, Alan A’Day, and Will Scarlett, so now it’s time now to call upon our guest for yet another rendition of his famous solo, Green Grows My Bank Account, All Praise to Rog, Trallee. Greg?

  • Thanks, Robin, but I know I speak for all of us here when I say that, what we all want now, what we really need, is for someone to lead this band of minstrels in a rousing violence-inspiring version of that immortal ballad, Ahm Gonna Shoot Some Cops Got Twenny Mags On My Person Maffops.

Does he mean a company of racist white guys in black face performing a demeaning mockery of the black experience?


Well, the FOX people are really that stupid.

Both the speakers and the watchers.


And this guy is simply fearmongering. "Look out, they’re e EVERYWHERE! Check under your couch and in your backyard! Don’t trust ANYONE!

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God damn Sting and his F***ing lute!


Did you catch the pipes on those two Medieval Faire ladies?


Wait, wait, How is FOX suppose to make a band of minstrels scary to the rubes? And if they aren’t scary to the rubes, FOX is on to the next topic.

Just coming out of the woodwork in the GOP!!

he then broke into a chorus from the OK frat boys bus song…

I’m pretty sure most of the roving minstrels, in the USA, were whites in black face. Is he trying to tell us something?

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Yes, I believe that is the type of minstrel to which he refers.


What a strange mad fearful place that alternate universe they’ve constructed for themselves is. I get wanting to live in a fantasyland, but why in the world would you construct one that’s so much worse ans so very much more terrifying than the real one?

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I imagine he meant to say “misfits”. After all, they both start with “m” and both have two syllables. Easy enough to confuse if you’re already confused to start with. As @SLBinVA pointed out on another thread, the people at Fox News not only don’t know what they’re talking about, most of the time they don’t even know what they’re saying.


Yet, to a FoxBigot, they want the adoption of English as the official language.

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What the fuck is he on about?

FOX is going to continue this stuff until January of 2017. The MSM will continue to talk about important matters like cat stuck up in the neighbor’s tree.

When Latino and African American youth decide that they have had enough, it will stop.