Discussion: Fox News: Ben Carson Warns Trump Camp Bracing For More Revelations

Since when has Ben Carson ever known what he was talking about?


Many people have skeletons in their closet. Trump has a hangar full of them.


There’s a month left in the election. This is not the October surprise. This is just a mere taste of what’s to come over the next four weeks. When Team Clinton gets done with him, Trump TV will be done as will what’s left of the Trump brand. I predict that even Ivanka’s clothing line will go belly up within a year or two. These people, these deplorables, will be pariahs among all those with whom they’d ever want to associate. Running for president, and particularly the nasty, hateful, insult-driven way he’s gone about it, is going to be the worst mistake the Trump family ever made.


I think never Trumpers have a lot to do with this. He has burned way too many bridges in his career, and I’m sure there are lots of people looking for payback.


It’s October. Surprise!!!




Wikileaks is getting outWikileaked?

Haha. We’re all laughing at you, Assange and Putin.


If this wasn’t the worst, can’t hardly wait.


of course there will be more revelations, as this is how this guy operates. Maybe he would rather be seen as a horney 70 yr old that doesn’t need viagra, than a guy who want’s to run the US without a plan, or a clue


Here’s my prediction, admittedly a pretty obvious one – every time the media starts to show some sign of “moving on” from the latest revelation, another one will immediately appear. Even if none are quite as much a bombshell as this one, it will be nearly impossible for the Trump to get back on his feet before he’s knocked back to the ground.


i shudder at the absolute sh*tshow that Trump will attempt to unleash on the country tomorrow in an effort to change the discussion. it would be best for everyone if he just did the decent thing and bowed out, but when has Trump ever done the decent thing…


I hope that RepubliCANT Americans realize that they have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by non other than Donald J Trump! More importantly, I hope they also understand that their GoP leaders serving in the House and Senate are doing a very poor job in maintaining our Nation’s strength and prosperity! They are lazy leaders and they are only interested in having huge wealth being funneled to a selected few citizens of our society. Well, based on the fact that the RepubliCANT presidential candidate may have not paid federal taxes to our US Treasury in almost 20 years, is really a slap to all of our faces! And somehow the RepubliCANTs think that is cool and an alright thing to do! But it is not! It is a factor that is destroying our country and I blame the racist ass and hateful RepubliCANT party for our Nation’s downward spiral!


So sayeth Ben Carson, aka Louie Lunesta!


Even a stopped calendar is right once a year. Carson is probably right.


My only concern is that Hillary herself gets too preoccupied with talking about how awful Donald is and not enough about her own strengths. It could make it difficult for her over the long run. It seems pretty clear now that Donald is toast and HRC is our next President. I’d like to see her on the high road now.


But will we learn he truth about grain storage and Egyptian neolithic structures?


There it is

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Roll out the barrels
We’ll have a barrel of fun!


Agreed. She needs to almost run two campaigns: one needs to be a positive, forward-thinking message in which she talks about all the things she wants to do for the country, and the other needs to be almost a shadow campaign in which these Trump reveals go on outside of her and her campaign. I kinda think that’s actually what’s happening, but the contrast needs to be more obvious. Still, you’re right that she needs to almost avoid hitting Trump at all and let her surrogates do it when questioned.


Agreed. This is when the surrogates hit the trail and the media and drill HOTOG’s insanity in. Hillary herself should be articulating to all those lost and undecided souls why she’s got the vision and abilities to run this country for the next 8 years.