Discussion: Fox Host Compares Trump To Rock Band With Four Hits On 'Daily Show' (VIDEO)

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while Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road is probably appropriate, who knew that Donnie Dipstick would wanna compare his Prez run to it? my suggestions for his 4 hits to compare him to

bonus pick:


You’re not funny, Gutfield. You’re an amoral entertainer with no talent and zero hits. Go the fuck back to Fox where the rest of the talentless whores live.


Nothing to see here. Gutfield is a loyal Murdoch soldier whose talking points are straight out of Reince’s mouth.

On the other hand, Nate Silver asks the correct question, I think: Can Trump close the sale? Are his event attendees going to actually caucus and vote? Maybe not. It would mean they could not drink while waiting on line to vote.


Of course.

I’d like to get my hands on the asshole who told this nitwit he’s funny!

Gutfeld is what you get when you cross a jumbo shrimp and a tiny penis.


This guy mocked Canadian’s contributions in Afghanistan, going as far as to say that the US should invade us… on the day we were bringing home 4 Canadians killed in Afghanistan.

So yeah, not sure how you feel about well-deserved profanity TPM, but fuck that guy. On behalf of all Canadians, I would like to express my firm desire to pull the back of Gutfield’s shirt over his head and rain right hands down upon the back of his neck. On skates. Because he deserves to have the smirk beat off his face in the most Canadian way possible.


Gosh. Even when they are enacting vengeance, Canadians are nice people.


That is quite possibly the most beautiful description of a beat down ever put into words.


Speaking of rock bands, and vain old men – 84 year old Murdoch is now engaged to Jagger’s ex Jerry Hall – age 59. All I can figure is that she must need the money and figures she just has to bide her time for another 5 years.

I’d compare him more to a George Wallace tribute band.

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I would compare Donnie to a guy who plays air guitar and wrote his name on a music appreciation exam in college.
He failed the exam by the way.

As for profanity on TPM… sometime ago I saw one of the moderators do a test when the new system fired up by posting a well known epithet I rarely use here (because I value the effect of using it). When there was no feedback he posted “Well, that felt good”.

I am not Canadian. I have visited your beautiful country several times. Calgary, Banff, Quebec City, Toronto. I hold your country in high regard. Gutfeld deserves no respect of any kind and your “rain of right hands” is entirely appropriate. But afterward someone needs to sit him down and 'splain the significance to him because his intellect compares to a box of rocks. On a day he’s firing on both cylinders.

Quite a few people, myself definitely included, have been asking that question for some time now. So much so that when I see a neck-neck poll between Trump and Cruz in Iowa now, I immediately translate that into Cruz has a significant lead (probably 5+ points). NH gets a little squirreler to predict, but Silver says a win in Iowa is usually worth a 5-7 point bump heading into NH, so…figure it out from there.

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I really don’t get that one at all…I have a hard time seeing Jerry Hall needing money, even after their “divorce” (in quotes because the English judged ruled that the pseudo Hindu ceremony they had didn’t qualify as a legal marriage), Jagger has taken pretty good care of her. Plus, she wasn’t exactly poor when she hooked up with Jagger in the first place…she was a highly successful model (sometimes called the most photographed woman of the 70s) and has had various bit parts in movies since.

But…more is probably better from her perspective, and she will probably outlive the old goat and stand to get a nice cut out of the inheritance.

Lynyrd Skynrd and Led Zeppelin are his ideas of a “flash in the pan” rock band??

That’s a pretty epic fail


For some reason Fox took this no talent smirking snarky asshat and put him on prime time. Maybe he is really good under Murdock’s desk, really earns his extra $100 a week.

I worked in jobs where the worst person around “failed upward”. They couldn’t fire the person, too much seniority or most often too much dirt on the boss so to get them away from the public to get them away from direct care they would promote these losers. I have a feeling that Gutfeld and actually most of Fox’s “talent” are geniuses at failing up. Kilmeade another prime example. I see Kilmeade and I think, Kill me ade now…

This analogy makes Jeb! a rich-kid garage band with no hits.

After perusing the comments, I’m grateful that I didn’t spend time viewing the clip…

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