Discussion: Fox Host Breaks From Usual Trump Praise: 'Makes Absolutely No Sense' To Hit McCain

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Kilmeade: “It makes absolutely no sense” for Trump to bash John McCain pic.twitter.com/pNLmT8y8sR

— TPM Livewire (@TPMLiveWire) March 21, 2019

If you know Donald Trump, and are paying attention, it all makes perfect sense. Claiming this is confusing is akin to expressing puzzlement at the cat chasing the mouse.

“It makes absolutely no sense.”

The motto of the Trump maladministration.


One wonders what Kilmeade expects from President Inappropriate?


This is moon-level political gravity, not Earth level, but gravity is gravity. Evidently it’s not true that Trump can say or do anything and have it received 100 percent positively forever.


It’s just than when he exceeds a certain level of Batshit Craziness , they have trouble spinning it positive to he Rubes.
Cindy McCain reports that she has received death threats and vile messages , so I guess he is achieving an objective on certain levels


Trump’s MO is to say this type of stuff, never apologize, but rather keep repeating it until it becomes the accepted wisdom of his base. He doesn’t backtrack, so he’s stuck doubling down, repeatedly. Give it a few weeks and Rasmussen will spit out a poll showing 37% of likely voters think John McCain was a back-stabbing coward and traitor.


GOP leadership, like WH staff, now realizes that literally the only way to get through to that demented old man is to seed the message with his sole source of “information.”


In a general sense when a person dies his reputation is enhanced as faults are forgiven or forgotten. In the case of a public figure it is even more so. Fat Nixon arguing with McCain’s decorated corpse will only make him look worse in the world outside his head.


If Faux was going to praise tRump, the woman in the middle would be a bleach blond, have a much shorter skirt and a low scooped neckline highlighting her cleavage.

Everyone knows placing any eye-candy on set for the kinds of perps and lechers that watch that show is the coin of the realm at Faux. No respectable rightwing nutjob watches that show when the propaganda machine is down for repairs or they’re experiencing minor hiccups, as they appear to have done today.

Sometimes messaging tRump’s bullshit is hard for even the dumbest people there. Turning bullshit into the smell of roses takes real effort.


“Makes no sense”??? He’s an ASSHOLE. A COMPLETE, RAGING ASSHOLE. This makes ABSOLUTE COMPLETE SENSE. It’e EXACTLY who Trump is!! Wake the hell up YOU IDIOTS!!!

Seven minutes into my day and these morons already have me into all-caps.


Actually I don’t think we need to wait a few weeks (except maybe for the poll to show it). I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this were the overwhelming sentiment among the base right now. What Trump is capitalizing on is that fact that nearly all of the supposed “beliefs” and “values” of Republicans are very weakly held. Support for war heroes? Or wars? Free trade? Small government? Originalist judges? Who cares? Their “position” on all these issues will reverse tomorrow if Trump or someone else they respect tells them to change.

Of course, when it comes to their true values of racism, xenophobia, and misogyny they are rock solid. Unchangeable. Ford tough.


tRump’s daily antics, bullshitting and moral failings exhaust me and its only 9 AM…so I know how you feel. It begins to zap me of my creative energies early and often, which I guess is the whole point of his outrageous distractions. He’s intent to ignore what is really important to the country every single fucking day and dominate whatever else might be in the news.

Every morning its another performance of Springtime for Hitler.


Even his supporters don’t like it, but won’t criticize. It’s as if they’re not allowed to say a disparaging word about him. Otherwise, the bubble they’re in will pop, and cold, hard reality will hit them squarely between the eyes.

At Trump’s event in Lima, Fred Creech, a 61-year-old welder from Wapakoneta, Ohio, said he was a Trump supporter who appreciated the president’s visit but said he was not thrilled by the extended anti-McCain diatribe.

“I can understand what he was saying, but I don’t know that it was totally necessary to explain all that to every single person out here,” Creech said.

Mike Phillips, 58, of Lafayette, Ohio, who works as a forklift driver at the plant, said he was a Trump supporter who appreciated the president’s political incorrectness. “We’ve got a president up there right now that has backbone,” he said. “And we’re sorry if we hurt a few feelings, if that’s the way it is, but we’ve got to be strong again.”

But Phillips was not eager to wade into the McCain controversy: “I do not have a comment on his comment. I’m not going there.”


Profiles in porridge.


Well yes has no one seen this bullshit
John McCain Was Executed For Treason See Kasik confirms it

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Isn’t political incorrectness just being on the wrong side of history? And Mr. Phillips Trump’s backbone is bent.


Bobby Three Sticks knows about stuff which will drive Trump’s appeal down to the Crazification Folks**…

** 27%


I want to catalog all the people now who say “it makes no sense”. Or the ones like Chuck Todd who claim its all some “strategy to drive the conversation”.

Because the books that will come out in the future that cover Trump’s total insanity will have quotes from these very same people, most likely in great detail, about how everyone knew all along that Trump was unstable and criminally incompetent.


If your Brian Kilmeade comes into contact with water, try putting him in a paper bag filled with rice overnight.