Discussion: Fox Guest Leaves Debate On Walter Scott Shooting: I Can't 'Listen To This Hate!' (VIDEO)

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As Walter Sobchak would say: Forget it Jesse. You’re out of your element.


Shorter Rev : White guys should always get the benefit of the doubt because black guys are angry about getting shot at.


Jesse Lee Peterson is an exceedingly loathsome individual.


You knew he was a snake when you accepted the ride.


BRAINWASHED ? Jessie Lee Peterson that you are.

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19th Century Fox, The American Pravda, will always find a steady stream of Stepin Fetchitts to recite their talking points.


“I don’t think Americans understand how angry and brainwashed these young black folks are,”
Right there is the key statement for all the frightened old blue-hairs watching FOX: “Be Frightened of ALL BLACKS because they are all insane killers out for your White Blood.”
Wow. Typical FOX News propaganda.


I myself would not be in the same room with, say, Hannity or BillO and I mean that literally.

I fear I’d clock one of them and find myself arrested on an assault charge.

They and their ilk are loathsome people, defenders and apologists for some of the worst aspects of our society.


Lincoln Perry’s story, and for that matter, the Stepin Fetchit character he played, was rather more morally and factually complicated than maybe we’d like it to be, but the fact remains that he was also one of America’s first black millionaires and, as best I can tell, was the very first black millionaire who made his money selling something to white people. It’s amazing how the market for that product abruptly picked right up after languishing for years on January 20, 2009.


That’s some “Reverend”. I’m sure Jesus would have said the exact same things.

Hey, Christian proselytizers: a representative like this is exactly why you will never convince me to join your leagues.


Or shills for their network who’ll say anything to make a dime.


A good reminder why I never, ever, ever watch Hannity. He always managers to find some insufferable whacko to carry the network’s water while the only rational and respectable person (aka “a far left loon” as O’Reilly would call them) is shouted over the whole time.


And yet these types are never ever questioned as to whether they are Christian or not.

But Pres. Obama is.

As to Terell, I’m not even sure why he bothered to go on the show in the first place. I hope this is a wake up call to him and many other guests who are only invited to be talked down about.


Any progressive that shows up on ANY Faux News show has proven themselves t have poor judgement.


“Now let me tell you something about the Negro…”

-Cliven Bundy err The Rev


Al Franken did and he was fabulous, so I am not sure that’s a good argument

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The problem with not showing up is that it looks like the left has conceded the argument. Hannity and Bill O. can always spout “see no one will discuss the problem with me, ergo my position is correct.”

Or Walsh to Gittes, “Forget it Jake, It’s Chinatown.”

Republicans refused to go on MSNBC programs. Seems like the tactic worked to me.

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