Discussion: Fox Debate Moderator Takes Potshot At ‘Self-Avowed Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

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What a disgusting liar. Bernie has never suggested to tax anyone but the 1% at a rate of 90%. And guess what lady, Eisenhower didn’t think that was too much either.


OMG, Maria Bartiromo and John Kasich have noticed that Sanders is running!

Run for the hills!


Bernie never said 90%, ever. Just more Fox hysteria and drama over something a democrat never said.



No, he never did.

Good grief.



it says that people are waking up to what trickle on really means

oh. and that maria is a dumbass


Huh-I thought this was the republi-con debate!

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If we taxed the 1%ers 90% on the income that they claim and don’t hide it would only equal out to way less than half of what they owe on all the tax free money that they hide off shore and never pay taxes on.

You cant tax a person earning less than a hundred grand a year 90% because the 10% that’s left over wouldn’t sustain 1 person and especially not a family. Many families are going backwards at 20 and 25%.


Maria seemed to be wearing her false eyelashes on the sides of her eyes.

i thought it was her false brain

“How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Let us never forget that years ago during the health care debate, she asked then “40 something” Anthony Wiener if he wanted a public option for health care so bad, why didn’t he just sign up for Medicare? This woman is a cue card reader and nothing more. Democratic Socialist and Socialist are two different political perspectives, but she would not know that, or at the very least she is playing dumb for FOX which isn’t too hard for her.


Kasich sidestepped the question…“I know Bernie and I can promise you he’s not gonna be the President of the United States,” he said.

However slim Bernie’s chances of becoming President might be, they have to be at least 100 times greater than Kasich’s chances.

[ “Kasich’s chances.” Damn, that’s not easy to say five times fast. Go ahead, try it…Kasich’s chances. Kasich’s chances. Kasich’s chances. Kasich’s chances. Kasich’s chances. Now, drink.]


It always annoyed me when she was on CNBC her kowtowing to every corporate chieftain yet she was disdainful of the workers and middle management who made their companies successful. I would guess at FBC she doubles down.


Well…maybe a bit more.


Well…now we know how important her paycheck is to her…


I’ll be happy to tell you what it means Maria, you plutocrat ball-washer…

It means that the people who actually work for a living in this country (something you clearly know NOTHING about) are finally WAKING UP!**

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If she was the feisty truth-teller her fans claim, Bartiromo would have followed up with the more germane question: “Gov.Kasich, what does it say about America that Sen. Sanders’ campaign appeals to far more voters than yours?”


She should have been laughed out of the industry, permanently, for that alone. Seriously, that is some kinda fucked. The average ten year old child could tell you that Medicare only covers seniors.


Between that and the Hillary question, she really showed herself to be particularly vile.

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I found which line of his she’s twisting (into a complete 180, so “twisting” is an understatement). In the following debate clip (around the 1:18 mark), Bernie says his rate will not be as high as it was under Eisenhower, which was when it was 90%. So, she managed to mentally delete the word “not” (just as easily as Republicans mentally delete the word “marginal” when talking about the top tax rates).