Discussion: Former TX Lt. Guv: Military Takeover Speculation 'Must Stop'

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“Unfortunately, some Texans have projected their legitimate concerns about the competence and trustworthiness of President Barack Obama onto these noble warriors,” Dewhurst, a Vietnam veteran, wrote.

Jesus Christ, even when calling for reason, Republicans still manage to be raging assholes.


Not to worry---------

RandPaul is lookin’ into the situation…

I bet he can probably get TomCotton engaged in the brouhaha…


Raging RACIST Assholes.


Okay, so it’s not because it’s bad for the nation or you know, A LIE, it’s because it’s disrespectful to the troops.

I don’t know, should I be grateful he at least tried for some sort of reason?


Everyone in the Military hierarchy is a “Noble Warrior” except of course the Commander in Chief, who is a secret Muslim, Communist, Lacky to the UN, (gay), Moronic easily duped Fool, who at the same time is a Machiavellian Bond-Villian running multiple conspiracies within conspiracies that go deep down the rabbit hole of Black Helicopters all the way to Secret Space Aliens.
Wait, didn’t I see that in 1999 on “The X-Files”?


ok let me see he slams the president because hey thats the SOP of the republicon party .feeding into the racist attitudes of these morons…cause when all you here all day is he isnt one of us and he doesnt love america …thats not legitimate concerns thats plain BS…and not calling out abbot what do you expect he is one of them…


“I am furious at the thought, and every right-minded Texan should be as well.”

Every “right-minded Texan” is. The problem is that they’d all fit in a city bus.


“But Dewhurst stopped short of calling out Abbott” Why ?

“Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
    Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)”


“Unfortunately, some Texans have projected their legitimate concerns about the competence and trustworthiness of President Barack Obama onto these noble warriors,”

So, Texas should rest assured the military won't be imposing martial law. But you can't be too sure about that shifty Obama, if it was up to him there's no telling, it might happen. Thankfully Texas doesn't have to worry, it's not as if the President is in charge of the Army.............uh huh......we all learned that in school. At least apparently in Texas they did. Idiots.

 Does your hat size change when converted to tin foil?

I stand by my prior answer. This is not “standing up” to these people. It’s a mealy-mouthed chiding that does nothing but pander to their idiocy over Obama and deflect from the issue of this being bat-shit crazy nonsense by trying to make it about the soldiers. He did nothing to call it out for what it is.


Note sot self: if you ever decide to invade america, start with texas. high percentage of morons heightens chance of sucess


Texas Style

I guess there is some consolation in a Texas R calling this paranoid delusion paranoia. But, because he is a Texas R, of course he comes at the task of dispelling fascist paranoia from someplace even more fascist. It goes without saying that Obama can’t trusted to hold back from plotting the military subjugation of the great state of Texas. But it’s a slander of our brave Warriors in the military to imagine that they would go along with such plotting.

These people really, really need to forget the Alamo. That, and they need to finish being reconstructed before they’re let back in the Union.


Projection. They’re afraid of the Union sending back in the troops because they think that would be logical for our side to do, because damn straight they were never actually reconstructed the last time before the Union troops pulled out.

It’s more than a little frightening when you start to understand how their minds work.

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I dont know where he finds the time with all his golf playing and exotic vacations (Hawaii! At Christmas!) that he takes. /snark off

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Lincoln really should have let Sherman ply his craft for about a decade before cessation of hostilities.

It’s great that an ex- Lt. Guv will kinda sorta question things, but what galls me is that the two Texans who could nip this in the bud, the two would absolutely know how bat-$__t crazy, RWNJ stuff this is: the two former presidents of the USA: Geo 1 and 2. Why are they silent? Even a person of limited intelligence who has a spattering of knowledge of how the military works knows this kind of thing can’t happen, especially in this technically connected world. No secrets are safe.

If they cared at all about their country, or their state, they would be explaining to their folks about how ridiculous and impossible something like this is.

Making Georgia howl to win the war was one thing, continuing devastation after the other side had surrendered would have been something very different. Start down that road and there’s no stopping place short of genocide.

Serious reconstruction would have involved, at a minimum, that the amnesty for treason granted to Confederate soldiers and office-holders would have been conditional on them losing forever the right to vote and hold public office. Enforcing that might have required federal troops for a generation or two, but not federal troops practicing random devastation.

Unfortunately, the Union didn’t have the insight or the will to insist on actual reconstruction of the political culture of the former Confederate states. The North entertained from the very start of the war the illusion that secession was entirely the fault of a narrow group of demagogues who had briefly managed to fool a majority of their states’ electorates. The war, the depth of the Confederacy’s war effort, should have convinced everybody otherwise, that treason in defense of slavery actually was ingrained in the whole political culture of these states, and that whole political culture needed to be reconstructed.


Oh, how I WISH Molly Ivins were alive today.


Notice how these same folks never question what the military is doing in a foreign countries. And even take offence we someone ask questions about it. Wonder how they’d feel if their son or daughter died while in police custody?

Of course failing the ability to remediate said ingrained culture maybe the road you initially recommended against traveling down was the only solution that held hope of permanent change. I’ve seen good animal handlers put down dogs once they determined their dangerous behavior couldn’t be trained out of them.