Discussion: Former Skinheads Hear Echoes Of Their Recruitment In Trump’s ‘Heritage’ Talk


Trump’s intent and purpose. Divide.


You know the Trump Reality TV Show is close to being cancelled when the daily soap opera begins to look increasingly like feeble reenactments of Fear the Walking Dead scenes. When Nixon stepped down his Gallup number was 27% approval. Trump now has just 7 percentage points to go.


He has used that technique since he came to prominence, and it speaks precisely to the angst and fears of his audience. “They” are trying to take away “our” culture, just as during the campaign he continually talked about how “we” weren’t “allowed” to do something that was ridiculous, cruel, or possibly criminal. It was depicting his audience as being somehow victimized by the more powerful forces of the people who are in charge, somehow.
Now that he’s POTUS, he continues, hoping to convince enough people that he should have unlimited power over “them.” All his boasts about negotiation and management skills are long gone. He is now being “victimized” by “them” --the people who are exercising their constitutional rights and responsibilities.


White like me. Not real informative, but somewhat interesting.


There’s that Crazyfication factor (27%) again…

“Tyrone: Obama vs. Alan Keyes. Keyes was from out of state, so you can eliminate any established political base; both candidates were black, so you can factor out racism; and Keyes was plainly, obviously, completely crazy. Batshit crazy. Head-trauma crazy. But 27% of the population of Illinois voted for him. They put party identification, personal prejudice, whatever ahead of rational judgement. Hell, even like 5% of Democrats voted for him. That’s crazy behaviour. I think you have to assume a 27% Crazification Factor in any population.”


Trump has no culture for anyone to take away.


Well there’s that, plus there’s Drumpf’s family history of his grandfather, father and him. Which one of these men has served in any of our country’s military branches? Any of these men previously served as an elected official local, state, or federal? What did any of these three men do doing this country’s most trying times?


Dereliction of duty, by this president requires that he be removed also the same should be said of the The Congress for not removing him. By ignoring what he is doing to our country they are in enabling him.


You often hear the slippery-slope argument—if you do X, then pretty soon you’ll be doing Y—from people who can’t make a good argument for why X in itself is a problem. Used to hear it from the trolls here all the time. It’s not necessarily a wrong argument if the progression’s inescapable, but most slopes just aren’t all that slippery.

He sure is white though. He’s called for the lynching of innocent black men. And he eats pizza with a fork. Makes further testing unnecessary.


When you have someone like Donald Trump say them from a campaign podium or platform, that makes it okay to say them.

What we have is a veritable racist liberation movement. Trump leads it. They’re having a big coming-out party and the enthusiasm is exhilarating and infectious. Say it LOUD… I HATE and I’m PROUD!

Allegra Kirkland hits another one out of the park with this article.


THEY, the right wing extremists and Trump’s loyal base with attack insightful information on the white nationalist, KKK, and Nazi movements as nothing more than “fake news”. But they themselves never offer counter facts to prove their own fake assertions (made up just to try to counter facts).

The heritage of the right wing extremists - they don’t have one, the US and the allies defeated their heritage when we won WW II and took down Hitler and the Nazis.

Honor our WW II Veterans and those who died defeating the NAZIS - honor them by rejecting racism and fascism!

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Potential Typo Alert: Allegra, I think you may have forgotten the ‘d’ in devolving.


Divide and surrender (to Putin).


It’s 1988 and Rush Limbaugh is using “they” . 30 years and an entire hate porn radio and tv network later-an a President- it remains the same. Who is the “they”?
Name them you pigs. What are their names? Who is “they”.


The skin a person was born with is very different from the skin a person paid hundreds of dollars to get those confederate flags, swastikas and other variants of “please don’t hire me” tattooed on their necks.


To be fair, eating pizza with a fork isn’t exactly a sign of being white; it’s a sign of being anal.

(Why do I suddenly feel like I’m setting myself up for a “You say tomato …” response?)


Get it through your thick skulls, racists. Your racist and treasonous “heritage” is what we’re repudiating. Including you, Prez Two Scoops.


Interesting piece and in line with much I have read elsewhere, but for me the real question isn’t how the puppet masters turn regular people into racist puppets. For me the real question is just who are the puppet masters. It is clear that the David Dukes, Richard Spencers of the right wing movement are, like Donald Trump, just front men for others far more powerful and sinister. Those people never expose themselves but finance the movement for any number of reasons, but the biggest is to make sure regular folks aren’t aiming any questions in their direction. Slavery was at the root of the Civil War but very few southern whites owned slaves. They are the southerners who died. The racial hatred of Jim Crow was carried out by poor whites who should have been aiming their attention at the people at the top of the exploitive Southern economy that emerged after the civil war.

I am afraid we are doing the same thing. The real puppet masters skate along as life for regular Americans become ever more tenuous. .


Does anyone else find that statement mind-boggling?

I mean, what kind of mixed-up, upside-down, world of hell have we entered where something is okay to say because Donald Trump says it?

I’d have thought the fact that Donald Trump says it is a sign that it - whatever it is - is NOT okay to say in public (or even in private, really).