Discussion: Former Parma Cop: New Mayor's Relatives Have Active Warrants

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If she was a white male, her family having warrants would have been a matter of hush-hush sweeping those warrants under the rug. Guaranteed.

This all boils down to one thing (for the most part), and it’s absolutely one of the major things that drove the white-fright/white-rage Obama freakout (of which this is just a microcosmic little sister): “Ain’t no uppity n-----r gonna tell me what to do.”

Period. They don’t give a flying fuck WHAT he or she might tell them to do. What they care most about is that he or she COULD. And so, they fabricate bullshit assumptions and predictions that he or she WOULD tell them to do wrong things.


So she didn’t come crawling to these racist scumbags asking them to stay. Gee, I wonder why not? And not being begged to stay is evidence that she was planning a purge? Right.

Be interesting to see what happens when news of this B.S. stunt travels to their prospective new employers and they have a hard time getting a new job.


Interesting, yes…and likely highly disappointing. True they can’t work in Ferguson or the other municipalities now under scrutiny, but there are thousands of Fergusons out there where they’d turn a blind eye to this, if not consider it the highlight of their resume.

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Of course , she has relatives with warrants…

They’re black and and live in Parma!


Well now we just need to tally all the warrants for relatives of past administrations he’s worked for to see how much he’s lying.


How else is a town with a population of 700 going to afford to pay 6 full time police officers?


The mayors relatives are right about one thing, they can return to Parma. There is no real need for the relatives to hide out. They should turn themselves in and wait for the next court date. Without the cop witnesses, they walk.


“These posts were made by people that had active warrants through our city, and they were claiming it is now safe to return to Parma now that they have family that’s the mayor now,” the officer told KFVS.

“If I was going to lose my job anyways, I might as well start looking,” the officer told KFVS about his decision to resign.

Wait, first he says he quit out of fear for his safety, then he says he resigned because of Facebook posts, and finally he says it’s because he thought he was going to get fired anyway. And who in the world quits their job because of what someone on Facebook says? If that’s the best he can come up with it’s probably because his actual reasons for leaving are even pettier, dumber, and far more humiliating than claiming he quit because of a Facebook post.


So far I have seen no allegation that the new mayor has ever done or said anything wrong. She seems to be taking the high road.


So, basically, a whole lot of “I’m not racist, but you know how Those People are.” Got it.


sniff sniff Don’t have to be an expert to detect the sickly sweet scent of pretext.


What makes you think they’ll have a hard time finding a job? They’ll probably be treated as heroes. They will get a new job with better pay.


Does she have warrants out for her? No.
Did she say she was going to fire anyone? No.
Is he Black. Yes.
Is she a woman? Yes.
Was she elected by the towns folks to do the job as she saw fit? Yes.


They were put into a circumstance where all their worst fears could become true. I’d like to see the HDDs taken to a forensic lab. There has to be backups somewhere. For that few LEOs I doubt there’s an Exchange server, perhaps an Office 365 account. Somewhere there are footprints.


Former Parma Cop: New Mayor’s Relatives Have Active Warrants

Well given some of the reports on what was in the records the resigning staff didn’t manage to destroy, things like using the towns credit to make personal purchases, that sounds like something they might have in common in the not to distant future…


My first thoughts when reading that some of the new mayor’s relatives have active warrants: Okay, but what were the circumstances behind the reasons for those warrants? Does Parma have anything like the problems that were recently uncovered in Ferguson? If the warrants were fair, fine. Either way, a reasonable mind would tell me to stay on the job, wait to meet the new mayor, etc., discover for myself just how she plans to run things. Be watchful–like you should be anyway–but just do your job.


I read another article that hinted they quit because a little town has no business employing six cops, three of them full time, and they never did anything. Has anybody checked on whether they were relatives of the former Mayor?


Those were my first thoughts as well. The warrants are probably for bullshit charges or for unpaid fines for bullshit charges. If they were wanted for serious crimes the police would most likely use their FB postings to find and arrest them as so many PDs have done in the past. One would think that if a cop were really so outraged by these FB posts that he would consider leaving his job, he’d first try to find and apprehend the “criminals” before doing so. They didn’t, and that’s because FB posts had nothing to do with their reasons for leaving. They’re only bringing up the posts in order to shame and embarrass the new mayor.


“One of the Parma, Mo., police officers who resigned when the city’s
first black female mayor took office, said that he feared Mayor Tyrus
Byrd might give special treatment to her family members…”

As opposed to the 37-year-in-office previous mayor?