Discussion: Former NV Lt Gov Nominee Lucy Flores Describes Unexpected Kiss From Biden

When I speak to my Republican friends he’s the guy they’re most afraid of and the Republicans first weapon is smear.


Yes, I do think he inspires a lot of fear. And although I’m not a huge fan, I would love to see Biden infer that perhaps it was an “unexpected” kiss but at least it was aimed at her face and not a grab on a lower body part.


Al Franken revisited. The Democrats shoot their own. There is real abuse in the world, for sure, and it must be addressed. But this? An old school guy, in an environment of solidarity and camaraderie, makes an error in respecting boundaries, so you turn around and say “Joe, stop it” and he stops. Instead, you make this kind of career destroying claim? wtf


Meanwhile, we have a adulterous, lying, treasonous sex maniac occupying the Oval Trailer, who can cruise to re-election as the Democrats (and trolls) shred potential Dem candidates.


If this isn’t Bernard’s campaign attempt at subterfuge, I will be shocked. I wish Bernard would just run as the Independent he is and leave Dems alone. I would actually wish him luck.


See, I have no trouble believing this happened. I believe her completely. I also believe it was in no way sexual and the kind of thing guys like Biden used to do to both men and women on a regular basis in order to show love and affection for them. It’s problematic in light of #metoo, but there’s got to be a way in which we navigate these waters where huggers and kissers aren’t thrown in the same moat as rapey creepers.


A 76 year old groping gaffe machine was never going to be our nominee. He’s a frontrunner the way Rudy Giuliani was the frontrunner for the Republicans in 2007. If he enters the race, his entire campaign will be plagued with videos of past gaffes and groping accusations until he drops out (probably right after Iowa).


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Biden’s last statement makes it official. He’s disqualified himself.

I get that in a “different day and age”, the kind of “affection” Biden displayed was something men were allowed to do, and women were expected to put up with. But that time is over, and has been for a long while…

For Biden to claim that he’d never done anything inappropriate is utterly tone deaf, and demonstrates that he has learned absolutely nothing in the decades since his involvement in the Anita Hill debable.

So, sorry Joe, but you gotta go.


It’s not just once, that’s the problem. Here we have Ashton Carter, SecDef, with his wife, and handsy Uncle Joe. There’s a lot of this, and in the #metoo moment it’s not what we want at the top of the ticket:



I think that anyone who continued to be a “hugger” after the millenium has pretty much disqualified themselves. Its not like “sexual harrassment” became an issue last week, and politicians who didn’t get it by the year 2000 were clearly uninterested in women’s perspectives on this issue.

in other words, I can forgive Biden for his stupid behavior during Anita Hill. But the fact that he still doesn’t “get it” means that he has completely ignored the lessons to be learned from that mess.


No, “the other side is worse” is not an argument. We’re supposed to be offering something much better, especially in the judgement of women voters.


I’d sure like to to see Biden drop out, but not because of this.This is a nothing burger compared to Trump’s past sexual assaults.
This is who Joe is;

He’s one of those guys. With Ash Carter’s wife, it was right in front of the cameras while she was standing next to her husband at the podium. He was whispering something in her ear.
The biker guys obviously were not as thrilled as the biker chick.
That said, I doubt we see that kind of affection from him displayed towards guys. His sons and family, sure.
I suspect Biden acts that way with women because he has an ego and thinks he’s God’s gift to women. I doubt it’s sexual for the most part, it’s just Joe being himself.


Yes, how about just nominating a woman? Problem solved! :smile:


Uncle Joe kisses everyone on the head and gives hugs. It’s called showing human affection. It used to be a mark of genuine appreciation for the men and women in our lives who strive to make the world better. Flores must have come from a home where PDA was not allowed. I see nothing sexual in this. It’s the way I grew up. My Uncle Joe’s hands never strayed where they shouldn’t have. My grandmother would have knocked his block off it he had.


She supported Sanders against Hillary. She supports Sanders against Biden. Didn’t Tapper pursue that line of questioning? Perhaps I’m just missing that.


if this was such an awful thing to happen to her, why did she wait 5-6 years before making an accusation??? maybe she has a problem with men showing affection; she would probably see’sexual ’ in a hand shake…be careful, guys…or maybe she thinks she is such ‘hot stuff’ that men just can’t control themselves around her…@@


We really need him as a spox and a rallyer for progressives, but not the nom. imo


Biden has made unwelcome intimate physical contact with women his whole career. Only women and not men.

Physical contact does not have to be sexual to be an unwelcome assault.

Men like Biden need to learn that unwelcome physical contact is not “affection.” It is harassment at best and an assault at worst. And the person initiating the contact does not get to make that call.