Discussion: Former Nuke Weapons Officer Goes Off: Trump Is 'So Damn Dangerous'

Right around midnight Friday for you will be the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. If you’ve never been to the Trinity site on the Jornada del Muerto it’s worth going, but you just missed it this year.

Just as well, cara squirrel, cause if it’s at midnight the odds of our going are pretty close to 0.

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I’ll second this. The site is on the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) and so it isn’t generally open to the public, but they do open twice a year on the first Sunday in April and October. Coming down from Taos, your best bet would be to drive down Saturday and spend the night in Socorro. Drive to Stallion Gate at WSMR the next morning. The gate opens at 8 AM and closes at 3:30 PM. Go in the morning, spend a couple of hours on the site and stop in San Antonio at The Buckhorn for a green chile cheeseburger (if you’re inclined to that sort of thing). (You could also do the Owl Cafe – I think The Buckhorn is better.)

Ok ok - y’all have sold me.

I’ll start my planning for next year.

[quote=“aurizendarkstar, post:110, topic:41466, full:true”]It impressed the devastation so much on even the President, that I remember reading that it was at that point that he was willing to start the serious work of working with the Soviets in making sure that nuclear war wouldn’t happen.

Huh, I guess that’s twice that Reagan’s inability to separate Hollywood from reality actually worked out for the best.


Lingering scars of Total War still exist in the South. Sherman understood the concept and exploited it…

Don’t underestimate the abilities of Genghis and his kin.


Good point. Yes. But in my opinion, it’s better to not elect a possible danger to humanity.

There’s another movie/documentary (mockumentary) called Death of a President which put out there the scenario of killing a reviled POTUS (Dubya just happened to be that POTUS) and the consequences it would bring to the world. It wasn’t a call to kill him but it made those who wanted him dead to reconsider their wishes… so, assassination of a President of the GREATEST Economy in the World would bring nothing but worldwide downfall. Therefore, VOTE but VOTE WISELY

You aptly and appropriately put the use of the devices within the context of their times. VE Day, May 15, 1945, had gone already 3 months almost. The invasion of Okinawa resulted in the deaths of 50K US and 100K Japanese. Thus, a really big weapon was needed. And your other point, that the notion that this weapon was different in some important way, was not understood. I have always supported the use of the bomb.

I’ve always been horrified by the use of the bomb under any circumstances but I wasn’t there then. As I was saying elsewhere, I also have a tendency to a big picture view and it’s easier from this standpoint in time to look at the thing and see how many actual moral issues were at play there.

I’m glad I wasn’t there and I guess I should be grateful for their decision - I don’t know because it happened. I can see multiple possibilities had we not. None of them are very good.

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I lived in Charleston SC at the time and attended school on a Navy housing development.
I had the same experience.
Scared the crap out of me!

Perhaps Fail Safe and On the Beach should be mandatory reading or viewing to acquaint younger generations with the potential realities of the resulting end of the world. I still can’t listen to Waltzing Matilda without thinking of the final scenes of On the Beach.

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Well he’s already leaking security material.

I agree, but I doubt it’s an argument that Hair Trump would find compelling or practical.

Because they have allies; because it’s wrong; because it sends a dangerous signal to the rest of the world that it’s okay to resort to a nuclear first strike; and because any enemy without nuclear capability is one we can beat in a ground and air war (after all, we have the largest armed services in the world) - all of which I’m sure you already know. I’m just stating it to show how obvious the answers are.

The only doubt I have that that’s what he was asking about is the latent doubt about the veracity of something Morning Blow attributed to a single unnamed source. And, frankly I find the assertion inherently credible.

As do I.

You are both ignoring Trump’s Razor.

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Republican scum cried tears over a comedic movie about that traitorous addled idiot Reagan. You can’t portray RR in a realistic way, DAMMIT! People were making fun of people with Alzheimer’s!!! The SOB was incapacitated mentally as President and commanded nukes … THAT was not an issues, only the tender feelings of Republicans. F*CK Them.


The Socorro Springs brewpub in Socorro makes a better burger. Then cruise over to the coffee shop on Manzanita Street for wonderful coffee and fresh made gelato.

For one example, North Korea has some form of atomic bomb and practices shooting missiles that might carry atomic warheads at any time their crackpot demigod leader feels he has been disrespected. Keeping that little creep from causing us to vaporize his country, and likely nudging China into tossing a few hundred nukes back is a delicate balancing act. Trump has repeatedly attacked the Obama Administration with no regard for the diplomacy that has kept NK from launching even one of their crappy little bombs; much less their conventional forces. As what’s left of my memory recalls, Dubya called NK part of the Axis of Evil, and caused them to reactivate their reactors and produce Plutonium for the bombs they have been testing. Trump is a helluva lot worse than even Dubya.

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US KIA there were more like 20k, not 50k, even with the Navy dead.

Never forget.

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