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Poor Haley. He can’t help he was born with an ax handle in his mouth. But he stopped saying “ni**er” years ago. So he’s not racist.


I’d be interested to hear when it was used as a racial slur. I’ve always understood it as a problem that you can’t get off, like tar.

In every article where they say it’s been used as a racial slur, there’s never examples of it actually being used that way. It’s just said that it is.

I take it you’re not from the South.


Another buttery gaffe from Little White Hambo…


Ho-kay, I’m assuming that since this is not a stupid man he clearly intended the double meaning to be heard and appreciated by a certain audience and doesn’t mind making a mealy-mouthed nonpology for it after the fact.


ComradeAnon, You are spot on. Being from the South, I never knew it had any other meaning other than a racial slur.


Oh come on TPM. The term “tar baby” comes from Uncle Remus’s
Br’er Rabbit. In that fable a doll made of tar and turpentine is used to lure in the rabbit. The more Br’er rabit tries to free himself from it the more he becomes bound to the sticky doll.

At some point someone trying to show racial sensitivity I’m sure, decided that since the Tar baby was black, as it would be made of tar, the term has to be a pejorative. Any reference to black is bad…right?

But cut the crap. If you call a Black person a spade that’s an uncalled for slur. If you use the phase " call a spade a spade" you are asking someone to be realistic. So if you are not talking about Black people calling something a spade has nothing to do with racial insult. If you are not on the subject of the President’s race, and Barbour wasn’t, the term Tar Baby is fine. Particularly so if what Barbour was talking about ( the context Tar Baby was used in ) was sticky tough situations.

Barbour is a loathsome creep but he doesn’t deserve to be spun a racist. If you have the goods bring it on…but don’t B’bart him.


he’s a fcuking pig. did i just say that?


They just can’t seem to help themselves, any of them, all of them. When it’s so deeply ingrained, it’s as natural as breathing.

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I thought that Barbour was great in “Django Unchained.”

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…as if HaleyB isn’t aware of the connotations…


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Arfe you kidding?


Under the dictionary definition of nopology is the example:
“If someone takes offense, I regret it.”


I think you are right in a general sense, but I also think that Barbour is smart enough to know how statements like this will be interpreted. It seems like a really poor choice of words or a very smart choice of words, depending on what he wanted people to take away from it.


Barbour has at least some history of this. Romney said “tar baby” once and you could presume he didn’t mean it as a slur, given the context and his tendency not to think about what he’s saying, but Barbour has a history, he’s been in politics all his life, he’s from the South, and it’s very, very difficult to believe he was simply using an innocent metaphor. It’s been a pattern since Obama emerged on the national scene for people to make these remarks and then feign innocence.


Aaaaah, ye ole Holy Race-Grenade of Atwater.

And, as it is a hand grenade, close counts.

Next up: using “niggardly” to describe the tax code.


I don’t think he’s real intelligent either. Matt you are one of the nicest people I “don’t” know. You always give the benefit of the doubt even to a racist like this

gop: “can’t help myself, must say racist shit, make it stop . . .”

There is also the fact that most of these “insensitive” comments happen when the politicians are speaking to their lobbyist friends or party base (see 47% comment) - but rarely to larger audiences where they know they would be questioned. Doesn’t sound coincidental or innocent to me . . .