Discussion: Former Israeli Ambassador Says Netanyahu Should Cancel Speech To Congress

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"“The behavior over the last few days created the impression of a cynical
political move, and it could hurt our attempts to act against Iran,”
former ambassador Michael Oren said, according to Ynet News.

It was a lot more than a cynical move by Boehner. It was an in your face insult aimed at Obama…
It has the effect of sabotaging any chance to prevent Iran from getting an atomic bomb. Thanks a bunch Boehner…

By doing this Boehner also creates another potential crisis which would be entirely avoidable and unnecessary. This sort of tactic is increasingly the style of governance by the GOP… Governing by crisis. Issue hostage taking.


Bibi pass up an opportunity to grandstand? Ha.


If you’ve lost MIchael Oren, an inveterate apologist for any and every shameless transgression of the Israeli apartheid apparatus, you’ve really gone too far, Bibi.


Who’d have thunk that getting advice from the same people who advised Mitt Romney would work out so poorly for Bibi?


It seems like everything the new Republican majority congress is doing is backfiring. Why am I even mildly surprised?


I’ve been thinking that the best way to deal with this is for the Dems in both houses to refuse to attend… then it becomes patently clear what the real agenda is…

let Boehner and Auntie Lindsey have their show…

not sure but would they need a Senate quorum for it to be a joint session? does that require 60 Senators?


Bibi shit in his own mess kit.


well, bebe now might learn what we have been dealing with in a sort of speaker of the house. If bebe does it and ends up tanned and smells like smoke and merlot, we are screwed. If not, BEBE should just kick his ass for using him for political manuvering and go home, send apology to obama and hope for a invite from the President of the United States. Not from some hasbeen alcoholic that keeps himself toasted inside and out believing he is the ole mighty one to give the “people what they want”.
How much farther must we travel down this road to oblivian before the censuring, impeachments, indictments, arrests etc happen to the real terrorists roaming the halls of congress, or I should say, hiding in there offices.
Makes 2016 elections seem like a long long time away from here.


I agree. And I was also wondering the same thing about the protocol of having to show up in these situations. They could all call in with the flu…get doctors’ notes excusing them from attending, and thereby provide themselves with some legal cover if that’s what they’re up against.


This would require him to not be a jerk and cause drama. lolz

There have been numerous discussions as to why it is shameful and irresponsible for the Speaker of the House of Representatives to have invited Bibi Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress in a direct attack on American foreign policy and an implicit endorsement of Bibi a couple of weeks before his own re-election campaign.

Although relatively minor, it should also be noted that while Boehner did attend at least one State Dinner when W was president, during the Obama presidency Boehner has rejected every single invitation from Obama to attend a State Dinner, and I understand that he was sent an invitation for every single state dinner, for the heads of government/heads of state for the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, China, Mexico, and India. All of these countries are major trading partners, and several are also military allies. But Boehner wasn’t interested enough in foreign affairs to attend, or he was put off at the idea of having a meal with an uppity President. But he goes out of his way to invite a head of government who has blatantly ignored calls by both Republican and Democratic presidents to stop doing stupid stuff that is also illegal and who has actively dissed the Vice-President of the United States?

This may play well with the Christianist Fundamentalists who consider all-out war in the Middle East a necessary precursor to the coming of Jesus. But as an American Jew and a Zionist (Bibi and the settlers do not represent all Zionists, and probably not most), it’s disgusting and disgraceful.


Remember when then-Speaker of the House Trent Lott said that when it comes to foreign policy, America should speak with one voice? Funny how the media completely ignores that GOP comment now that Obama is the president.


I think all they need for a Joint Session is one house member and one senator. Just be sure to let the Sergeant at Arms know how many will be there two days in advance so he can set out coffee and donuts in the cloak room.


Or tea and blintzes. They’ll wanna suck up real good now, won’t they?.


Of any head of state of Israel Bibi should understand us. Consider, he has spent considerable time here when he was in college. Behaving stupidly with reference to America is deliberate on his part if he comes to speak to Congress.
As far as Boehner, as I said up thread, this is a direct and in-your-face intentional insult toward Obama. If I were Obama I’d get Boehner to the White House in a private situation out of camera/ear shot. And then I’s apply a verbal trip to the woodshed. I’d tell him every pet project would be vetoed and at every opportunity I’d be making a fool of him. No more Mr Nice Guy. Every piece of dirt would be made public knowledge. Obama cannot let this lie and not retaliate.


It’s not enough that Boehner has claimed the power of a veto, using his office to deny elected Representatives the right to vote upon legislation simply because he doesn’t personally support it. That power is nowhere in the Constitution, and although the President does have that Constitutional power, the Congress has the right to override his (her) veto. Now Boehner wants to run foreign policy too, and the Constitution specifically grants that power to the President.

If anybody should be impeached for over-reach, it’s Boehner. As for Bibi…he’ll do whatever he wants, and he cares not what other people think about it. That attitude is at least 90% of the problem in the Middle East right now.


I’ve already written my Congressman to urge him to do what he can to have this cancelled and if he can’t, to boycott.


John Boehner seems to be making a mess of everything he touches. He made a mess of the Roe vs. Wade women’s health bill and now he’s made a mess of a simple Bibi Netanyahoo invitation. John Boehner seems more incompetent, ignorant and inept than Darrell Issa and George Bush combined.


And lose all that AIPAC money? Not likely most of them will sit it out. And the few that would will get slandered.

Let the clown talk so America can see how a foreign country thinks they can run our foreign policy, and then just ignore him.

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