Discussion: For The First Time, Kim Jong-Un Answered A Question From US Media

North Korean officials ordered Vietnamese security to tell reporters they couldn’t look at Kim or take pictures of him.

Nice. Do not soil the god-king with your merely mortal gaze, you swine. I love having Americans treated that way.


Trump is a corrupt and incompetent Russian puppet, and Kim is a murderous, bloody handed dictator.

But if humiliating Trump creates a dialogue wedge for future U.S. negotiators to make progress on the NK problem, then I’m okay with that. Kim is desperate to be seen on a world stage, and this weakness may be a tool to advance the interests of the U.S. and our regional allies.

Just to be clear- there is no strategy or 3-D chess at play here. If anything good comes of this it will be 50% chance and 50% miracle.

I’m just spit-balling here.


Hey, we know that Donald Trump looks up to people like this tinpot little shit, really dreams of behaving the way they do. Maybe if Kim answers enough questions from US media, the President of the United States will start answering questions from the US media!

Is it too much to hope?


I have to say, even though this was a first…it was really a dull and rather thoughtless question. I can’t believe with this opportunity in hand, this was the best this reporter could have done, even under the circumstances. How about something more substantive…like anything better than “how do you feel?” How about something like, “so when are you gonna let nuclear arms oversight and inspection of your facilities”, instead? Or, “what happened to Otto?” Let Lil Kim know what real press freedom looks like…even if tRump has the same problem as Kim Jong-Un does.


“Is it true that you that once killed a guy by throwing him into pen with a dozen starving dogs? Follow up, were those 20mm or 30mm antiaircfaft guns that that you killed your uncle with?”


KIm’s answer?


That’s right. We owe Kim nothing. Everyone knows these colors don’t run. Fuck this guy and the slave-driven rickshaw he rode in on.


Was this question posed before or after they asked Donnie if he wanted his KFC “Regular” or “Extra Crispy?”

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The competition for the greatest number of chins is really heating up. Right now it’s too close to call.

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Or steal his image?

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Damn you Kim!

Well, that went badly…


North Korean officials ordered Vietnamese security to tell reporters they couldn’t look at Kim or take pictures of him.

This made t rumpp so jealous, he had to cancel the whole fuckin’ deal.

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Good Christ. They throw a big fat softball at him and he STILL dodges it.

Did you kill Otto Warmbier?
Kim: Damn straight I did, what are you going to do about?
Trump: I love this guy

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Kim Jong-Un Answered A Question From US Media

Dude one-ups the US president again


getting wild in his old age, or maybe it’s just hanging with the Trumpster.
he probably refused to diss arm because Donald didn’t offer him the golden girls!