Discussion: For Pelosi, Heading Off Impeachment Requires Carrots And Sticks

Sorry Nancy .
I thought the same , but it’s past time to rip the bandaid off and put this malfeasance in the headlines every day.
Make Mitch and his band of sycophants defend criminal activity each and every day.
Force the American Public to become aware of what is in the Mueller Report


We don’t need no stinking Mueller Report to impeach. When the military and intelligence community is actively undermining the chain of command and hiding things from the President because of National Security risks, we need our leaders calling them in to testify about what they know, why they hide things, etc.

We can’t afford to be a lawless nation, with agencies acting unaccountably. And if the solution is to remove the person at the top, because he’s not fit for office and his pattern of behavior in office has demonstrated his inability to keep his mouth shut about the nation’s secrets…


A few things.

  • There is less than 50% support nationally for Impeachment

  • There is ZERO differentiation between Impeachment and Impeachment Inquiry and what it means

  • If support for Impeachment passed the 60% threshold it would be a different story.

  • This story is slightly misleading

  • This is summer, with less people besides us paying attention

  • Trump is devolving weekly




Shorter Article : “Watch how skillfully Nancy Pelosi does absolutely nothing”


Horrible Speaker of the House.



Now if we just get g2g to join the thread, we’ll have the Troll Trifecta.


Welp…we had a top troll in these parts castigate Nancy something fierce on her Impeachment stance…so there’s that…


Yes, when you find out the Pentagon is acting independently, waging cyber-war on a nation without informing the President, the OBVIOUS solution is…*checks “Field Guide To Banana Republics and Coups Made Easy” *…removing the President so that the military can do what it wants to do.

And remember kids: There IS NO DEEP STATE.


Paging Mister Oliver, Mister John Oliver.


Do carrots leave marks the way a stick does?


Pelosi could endorse Trump at the RNC Convention and many people here would still thinks she is the greatest Speaker ever.

Wake up. She is doing everything she can to help Trump and the Republicans stay in power.


I just want to point out something

During WWII, after someone from Naval Intelligence accidentally saw a coded intercept carelessly thrown into a trash can at the WH, they banned the WH from receiving anymore direct MAGIC intercepts.

What appears to be going on here sounds considerably worse, but its not entirely without precedent.


You are right.

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The White House might not have got raw intercepts, but FDR and his people were provided with the information in them.

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Why is 60% the magic threshold for pursuing impeachment of an overtly criminal president that is a clear and active danger to our democracy and the rule of law every day he’s in office? What happens if we start impeachment and then support drops back to 58%?

Think about what you guys are saying. There’s cynical political maneuvering and then there’s this (based on voodoo conventional wisdoms, no less).

If your theory is that Nancy is slow-playing impeachment until an allegedly more opportune time, then fair enough. But if the goal is to make sure impeachment doesn’t look like it’s “political” — a nonsensical goal based on flawed 1990s Third Way political logic — then this is already a horrible backfire.


But they didn’t ban the content, correct? So just didn’t share the code that they used, but the information would still get passed.

You’re right in that this sounds much worse, that they’re actively hiding information.

Exactly. If the polls aren’t in favor of doing what’s so clearly right, then do the work to change them.

Republicans doggedly pursue policies that poll at 20% popularity or less, and they they win and get their way. Here Democrats are faced with saving our republic, faith in democracy and the rule of law itself, and they’re blanching because, depending on how the question is phrased, it sometimes doesn’t quite muster 50% approval from people with landlines.


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Late, later, too late.

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