Discussion: Flynn Will Be ‘Principal Witness’ In Trial Of Ex-Business Partner

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There is a large group of people that associated with Trump somehow that will be spending, for many, the final decade or so of healthy life left to them embroiled in expensive legal matters and just generally screwed on several fronts.


They keep going on these fishing expeditions to try to figure out what dirt anyone has spilled to the Special Counsel… Why do I see Trump at the end of this?


Flynn Will Be ‘Principal Witness’ In Trial Of Ex-Business Partner

From Trump’s point of view, nothing good can come out of Flynn getting comfortable with being a rat.


There was a time when partners owed each other utmost trust and confidence. No more!

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving bunch of folks.


I can’t help but see Trump as that proverbial frog in the pot… Mueller isn’t going nuclear, (much as I wish he would), he’s just gently turning up the heat, bit by bit, and by the time it becomes clear to Trump what the endgame is, it will be too late. (Of course, that presupposes that it’s not already too late for the rest of us. I mean, Trump could start a nuclear war at any moment, and Putin’s likely to invade the Ukraine any day now.)

So… it’s been just about a month since the House turned over testimony from Junior, and others to the Mueller Team. I’m guessing that Junior won’t get indicted this Friday… but I’d hate to be in Eric Prince’s shoes this week. I’ve laid in a supply of popcorn.


I can’t help but fear that it is somehow bad for my own karma that I will be enjoying each and every moment of their pain.

Rick Wilson did warn them… he’s been pointing out that Everything Trump Touches Dies, since long before the book came out.



They’re going after their own law firm? Good luck with that.

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