Discussion: FLOTUS Urges Adults To 'Be Best' On Social Media As POTUS Attacks Brennan

I’m not sure if Melania is trolling us or trolling her husband, but she’s certainly trolling somebody.


Well this does seem hypcritical at first, but keep in mind she rarely know what her husband is up to.

Stormy weather​:notes::notes:

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“Because the bullying was also online, I couldn’t escape it, no matter where I was,” Grunwald said.

“But enough about Trump…”


I wonder if she was wearing her “I really don’t care do you” jacket at the time?


This, from the NYT, seems relevant:

The president suggested that Mrs. Trump choose a different topic to avoid questions about how the wife of a notorious Twitter bully could lead a campaign to spotlight anti-bullying and other child wellness efforts, and he warned her that she was opening herself to such jeers, people familiar with the conversations said. She rejected his advice, and publicly said she was willing to face the criticism.


The first lady’s appearance came as part of her campaign to help children “Be Best,” which also includes an emphasis on child well-being overall and opioid addition.

Personally I’ve always found “child well-being” combined with “opioid addition” to be somewhat self-defeating.


Can’t say about the jacket, but, if that photo is from today, one could ask why she is again wearing a blouse with a pussy bow…


Every time I hear her talking about “Be Best” I’m reminded about how lousy Melania’s English is. My own immigrant parents spoke English well because they thought it was important; Melania clearly doesn’t. Broken English suits her just fine. And if she is going to tell adults to “Be Best” (whatever that means) on social media, she could start at home with the Orange Man.


Melania another feckless trump… who cares who she’s trolling… she sticks with Trump by her own free will


Can SOMEONE please convince this poor woman to divorce prez Full Diaper and return to private life? Her poor grasp of English (Be Best?), the ‘chain migration’ of her parents and the obvious distaste she exhibits for Trump. Can you imagine the living hell this woman is going thru?


If he could tweet about her when it’s her time to leave him;
“When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, bring her here from s***hole Slovenia and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by Kasowitz (not Michael the rat!) for having a very strong prenup and quickly firing that dog!”


Oh well, First Ladies adopting important issues and having no visible influence or effect is not anything new.

I think there is a big story about how quickly her parents became citizens that has flown by - one of hundreds of such stories, I am sure. When I think of Melania I always think about Chris Matthews commenting about how “hot” she was when he thought he was off mike. It did not change my opinion of Melania, but it cemented my aversion to Matthews.

As for Melania, when she divorces Trump I hope the pre-nup was written by an incompetent and she is able to devastate him financially.


She lives with a genuine cyber bullying SME. You would think she would consult her husband about how to be the best cyber bully. Cyber bullying is the stable genius’ best skill.


I just saw a clip of part of today’s speech on bullying. She didn’t need that jacket - she spoke in a monotone with no sense of believing or caring about what she was saying. She’s never been a particular convincing public speaker, but this didn’t even reach the bar of indifference.


"[Azar] said one in five children experience bullying, and that 16 percent of children currently are victims of cyberbullying."

I suppose none of Melania’s team brought up the fact that bullying in schools has increased since her husband took office.


Alas, the comedy writes itself!


Whatever Melania says is worthless - get Donald to stop the bullying first
And Azar!!! This is the guy who is overseeing children in cages and their extremely poor treatment and little food, drugs, etc. so this guy is worthless!
What a bunch!!!


Good point. I also just read that opioid deaths are up 10% in the past year. I don’t expect Melania’s team to bring up these facts, but WHERE IS THE MEDIA?


They are too busy catching the latest tweets.