Discussion: Florida Teacher Makes 'Rag-Head Taliban' Comment About Muslim Teen

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Sounds like Fox & Friends “Teacher of the Year” candidate.


Cue up some Republican claiming discrimination against Christian teachers in 5…4…3…2…1…


Yes, but he teaches…French.


Panic over Sharia Law taking over Weston, Fl. ensues…

Good point. I missed that.


Odd how the teacher’s name is never mentioned - if you have the classlessness to call a 14 year old child ‘Rag-Head Taliban’ you ought to get called out on it by name. It should follow you around just like it, no doubt, follows this child around.


“She started saying it more frequently as if it was my name, and for around next two or three days she was just calling me ‘Taliban’ or ‘rag-head Taliban’ on and off."

Madame la professeure: mes couilles sur ton nez!

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Mon Dieu. Quelle idée.

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Maybe she and DuckFuckMan can appear together to accept a “I (Heart) Free Speech” lapel pin.

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quite the professional this teacher is, huh?

You what name you use when you speak to student…the one given them by their parents and that’s all.

Earned termination, you have, Florida teacher.

Exactly! She should exhibit pride in what she did, you know, set an example. What sort of a role model is she, anyway? (No need to answer as I have a few unsavory answers already).

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It’s hard to imagine that a teacher, of all people, would feel free to say such hurtful, hateful things to a child. When I went to middle school way back in the Nixon years, the best this idiot could have hoped for was that the whole class would have walked out.

Think about the consequences if she had said that to a co-worker. I’ll bet in that case she would have been fired, or given a lengthy suspension without pay. Employees have recourse to government agencies whose role it is to address workplace harassment, but they don’t protect students. IMO that shouldn’t make it OK to be verbally abusive to someone whose parents trusted him to your care.

Maria Valdes.

The family’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForDH


Gotta love Floriduhhh…

He should start calling the teacher an ignorant cow and see how she likes it. My old French teacher in Hull Quebec tried the same type of crap with me back in 68 and I beat the bejeezus out of him in front of the rest of the class.

Another lovely Florida bigot…how wonderful

Is it something about French teachers then?

Is this Yoda-speak?

Nice googling, MisterNeutron! I get the feeling that bigotry is Ms. Valdes’s second most pressing issue at the moment, right after the fifth of Smirnoff vodka she pours on her Cheerios every morning.

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