Discussion: Florida GOPer Under Fire For Laughing At Suggestion To Have Gay Men Executed

please. go to fucking hell you idiot.


Time for a rainbow milkshake, with some rocks in it.


Cue male companion from Mike Hill’s past making the rounds of the morning news shows in 3…2…


Why a person of color would advocate, even jokingly, for the persecution of anyone is beyond me?

And comparing the blowback to “lynching”?

Guess the bible-thumper gene must have killed off his conscience. It’s an extremely common disability.


A black man in FL thinks it’s just hiiiii-larious to joke about murdering people for simply being born slightly different from the majority and sees himself as the real victim. Irony is indeed deceased.


The GOP sure knows how to find the self-loathers.


Just an observation here and I’ll probably find my foot in my mouth, but it reminds me that some of the harder work we’re still doing on our own side of the aisle is with respect to the homophobia and misogyny rampant in certain minority communities…even those that are still voting for Dems/liberals.


It’s interesting how it’s Republicans that are outraged and demanding the apology. They’re normally okay with blatantly offensive homophobia statements.

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There is always a tendency to kick at the people you view as occupying the next rungs down when you yourself are getting kicked by the people occupying the rungs above you. Happened with each successive wave of immigrant cultures in this country and I mean, just look at Israel. It’s a weird human phenomenon that the oppressed seek to oppress in turn.

Or hey, beat your child a lot and see how he winds up interacting with the pets…right?


Absurd to ask me to apologize for a statement that I did not make and that no one took seriously.

Mike Hill: I just want to point out that I did not make that statement.

Also Mike Hill: I also want to point out that it was a joke.


And ignore the audiotape of me calling them nasty…

He’s a black man who’s a Republican so I’d already assumed self-knowledge and a strong sense of self-esteem were not his strong suits.


Mike Hill: Did I mention that I’m not sorry?

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But how much of it is that vs. how much of it is the elites inciting and encouraging that brawling, as it helps them to maintain their place at the top by getting everyone at the bottom mad at each other…

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Quick reminder that we are this year celebrating 50 years since gay people could be arrested for EXISTING… in NYC…

This isn’t a comment in jest. This sentiment exists and is real. Trans people are especially victims of this kind of religious terrorism. This kind of thing results in “true believers” actually killing people. The representative just laughed at the suggestion that he introduce legislation to murder a whole segment of people.

“What would come of that” should be an FBI counter-terrorism investigation.


What a real leader says:


You know what I’ve been saying about Mayor Pete’s chances and why I think he has no shot at the nomination…I freely admit that black folks are fucking homophobic as hell and it breaks my heart. Black folk and other POC aren’t immune to the belief that rights are a pie, unfortunately.


Meh…chickens and eggs…foxes…

It’s probably both nature and nurture.


It’s why 53% of white women voted for PP.