Discussion: FL Republicans Warn That If Maduro Doesn't Fall, It Could Hurt Trump

Has Vlad told Donnie to back off yet ?
Asking for a friend


OK, so the choice is to get into a war that could turn into another Vietnam/Iraq in addition to turning most of Central and South America against the US or possibly lose Florida in 2020. I am sure that the Repukes will select whatever decision is the worst, unless Putin decides otherwise.


If someone is still indecisive about Trump at this moment, he/she will turn out to be a Trump voter.


Yes, the regime should definitely listen to former congressman Carlos Curbelo (R-FL). Aside from the fact that most of the Rethugs in FL probably don’t even know or care where Venezuela is, aside from the fact that another ground war would be very unpopular with the rest of the country that aren’t feral trumpers, and aside from the fact that Vlad wouldn’t stand for it.

You tell them, Carlos.


Which means that Real Democrats Donna Shalala and Debbie Wasserman Schultz will step right up to support their good friends on the other side of the aisle. Thank the gods and goddesses we have “Real” Democrats like Shalala and Wasserman Schultz to protect us from eeeeeeeeeeeeevil, usurping, Fake Democrats…

And it would be bad if he did and if Trump listened why? Asking for humanity…

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I think Venezuela is another one of those Mexican countries Trump warned them about. It has to be punished for not paying for the wall.


Venezuela, Iran, North Korea … pick the one most likely for us to be a war with in the runup to the 2020 election.

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It remains to be seen how much more disaster Republicans can foment just to remain in power by boosting their Dear Leader in whom their political fate is pathetically vested. However, said disaster is unlikely to bring about their goals in Venezuela. As someone born in Maracaibo and who grew up in Venezuela, I have sadly believed over the years that the only thing that could overthrow the Bolivarian regime would be the people living in the impoverished shantytowns in the hills, not the protesters in (formerly) affluent neighborhoods, descending from these hills and demanding change. Until that happens, any attempt would be a bloodbath to which we send our American troops, all for the sake of Trump’s strongman credentials.

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I’m definitely not a fan of Maduro’s, but if his continued Presidency makes it harder for dimwit Donnie’s chances, then I’m all for it.


Another manufactured crisis by Trump. Hit and miss foreign policy, the strong man needs a war someplace.


Trump might look weak?? Donnie IS weak!


Pompeo has cancelled his trip to Moscow to meet with Putin. I guess Venezuela’s out and Iran’s back on the war table.

(CNN)Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has canceled his planned visit to Moscow and is heading instead to Brussels to discuss “recent threatening actions and statements” by Iran, the State Department said Monday.
The visit comes as the US has said Iran and its proxies could be planning to threaten US forces and interests in the Middle East.



Is that the third Mexico or the fourth one??

POMPEO and BOLTON are having a major toss-up… POMPEO likes VENEZUELA and BOLTON likes IRAN…iMO…It will be VENEZUELA…its closer and ICE can force immigrants and asylum seekers to join up and fight for the USA…MAGA!!!

Trump can ignore them, this guys are not voting democratic anyway. Besides Ole Vlad owns the cash flow from Venezuela’s oil exports and he will be upset if that get disrupted.

Yes! Donnie did a bit of a flip flop on this after his call with Vlad a few weeks back.

Laura Rozen retweeted this from Rep. Himes (CT)


Great. All we needed was a double dog dare!!