Discussion: Five Years Into Obamacare, Republicans Are Still Lost On An Alternative

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The GOP alternative is the status quo ante.

This story could use some historical context to help explain what’s going on: That back when Clinton made his health care proposal, the Republicans, with support from the Heritage Foundation, proposed an alternative that Obamacare, in many of its features, resembles. Since that time, though, the Republicans have persuaded themselves, via selective editing of a Reagan quote, that “government is the problem” and so have collectively lost interest in policy, putting adherence to dogma in its place.

None of this justifies what’s going on with Republicans’ not being able to come up with another proposal, of course; it just helps explain a little more. They’re good at identifying what they perceive to be a problem (“government” is a pretty big target), but out of practice at thinking about problem-solving on behalf of people.


Correct, at the time of HillaryCare my Doctor was one of the AMA leaders that worked very hard to not get anything passed. At the time his concern was “Government will be in control”, well after he was successful he apologized . Remember he stated “Government will be in control”, well not it is “Insurance companies in control, and they are far far worse”.

As for the Repugs, just last week LyingRyan told states not to work on their own exchange, just give us more time… ROFLOL and feel very sad for the fools that will believe them.

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Why would they have a replacement they liked it fine the way it was. If they could they would repeal medicare tomorrow and say that Obama abused the system so badly they had to shut it down. They would then appear on all the Sunday shows and tell us what Obama had done, The hosts would have been nodding their heads in agreement. The folks on Medicare would be calling for impeachment. MSM would play along as usual, it makes them look neutral. Lyndsey and John would be leading the charge.

Has anyone calculated how much has been spent by committees trying to come up with an alternative ?

The GOP alternative to the ACA is to not have the ACA.


The headline makes sense. The Repubs don’t lead, they merely criticize and obstruct.

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Of course the Republicans DO NOT have a plan…To have a plan would mean they’d have to do some WORK. IT’S so much easier to say/claim ‘YOU’RE’ on your own’. Give US your money and then go eat your cake. Do as we say NOT as we do, we’ve got ours, now go eat that cake.

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Note to editor: You meant “fifth.”

Republicans have a plan, and it suits all occasions:

Not Obama.

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This assumes that the Grumpy Old Party ever had, or ever wanted, any "Alternative.
Remember, their stock in trade is to tear down and destroy. Having an alternative implies leaving something it place of what you pull down.
The GOP wants big, empty holes where Social Security, Medicare, and all the New Deal/War on Poverty programs once stood. Now, they want to drown Obamacare in the bathtub. What else is new?
They are the same kind of empty holes that stand now where American Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining once stood. Of course, I would be remiss if i didn’t mention that the Grumpy Old Party has has heaps of help making those holes-from lots of Democrats.

Let’s be honest. Part of the problem, beside the fact that Republicans simply don’t give a shit about non-wealthy Americans, is that they’re too stupid to formulate an alternative. These were people elected by morons who voted for them because “Obozo gunna take muh gunZZ!!! BenGHAIZIIII!” Fox News types. Our current Congress isn’t exactly comprised of people who were ever expected to govern with any kind of responsibility to their constituents. We’re never going to see an alternative from the GOP that, in any significant way, addresses real healthcare issues. It’s not going to happen, ever. They’re thoroughly incapable of doing so.


Who would support the repubs except for the rich and ignorant racist white folks? I find it insane and immoral that they would make 16 million Americans lose their health insurance. Folks not voting in 2010 and 2014 are the cause of this insanity. How could anyone think both parties are the same?

Love the picture…

Boner - Mitch, you seen an alternative?
Turtle - Uhhhhhhhhhh…Noooooooooppppe…

Left leaners not voting is the cause of this. We take 2 steps forward in presidential election years and 3 steps backwards in midterm election years. I just don’t get it. The parties are not the same. Just ask millions of women and enlightened men.


Exactly, they are following William F Buckley, who famously described conservatism as “standing athwart history and yelling ‘stop.’”

Although they unfortunately buy into the paranoia and conspiracy theories of the John Birch Society, which even Buckley opposed.

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Not to mention the, what, 20-year anniversary of Clinton’s attempt to reform health care finances and expand coverage. They still think tort limitations, interstate insurance sales, and magic will fill fix the problem. Idiots.

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Stats the dumbkoff gop bags do not want Americans to know about …also at kff.org

But we’ll act! Scalia sez so!!!