Discussion: Five Years After Dr. Tiller’s Murder, Abortion Is More Stigmatized Than Ever

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This is one (of many) important issue to consider in the coming mid-term elections. Should the Senate fall into Republican hands, there very well could be a push to pass some very draconian anti-abortion laws. And, given the current state of SCOTUS, I have no doubt that such legislation would pass muster if brought before the justices.

And, even though Obama would almost certainly veto any such legislation, I believe there are more than enough conservative Dems in the Senate who would vote with the Republicans to override any veto.

  1. “…worst sin in the world”. AN OBVIOUS religious judgement call. The USA does NOT have Sharia Law. Get over it.
  2. See 1. The actual worst sin is Murder. Of a real, living human (defined as AFTER birth in The Bible). Yep, it’s in The

3) Fetus are NOT Children. Simple medical definition. “Unborn children”, maybe but definitely NOT “children”
4) So you must kill to sotp killing? Irony much?

They should all be classified as hate groups that use terrorism. Make more prisons for these folks that support and fund violence.


The wedge groups got away from their GOP handlers. The caustic mix of ignorance, mental instability and hate created the political divide as we know it today. The war on women around abortion for political and religious gains is over. I think when we look back the elections in VA in 2013 will be considered the watershed moment, politically.

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Sorry, but the loaded language in this piece too clearly shows that author’s bias. She chooses to call the two sides of this debate "pro-choice and “anti-choice.” How is that any better than “pro-life” and “anti-life?”

Doesn’t matter what they were doing , they were still murdered .