Discussion: Five Points On The Huge New CIA Torture Report

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If Republicans had any brains they would point to the forced feeding program under Obama’s watch as in your guy did it too. But we know why that won’t happen. You have to have some brains and by association a good majority of them would be just as guilty.

Amazing how quickly the Rightie WooWoos, Cons and Baggers of the Republican Party are willing to throw away all the ideals of this constitutional republic that we cherish, not the least of which is the the respect for human rights, that we hold up as shining examples that separate us from and elevate us above our enemies, and rush to defend torture, effectively saying, “We need to be just like the depraved terrorists we are fighting in order to deal with them.” Then, I’m sure they will blabber on about “…an eye for an eye.” blah, blah, blah…as though religious blather justifies anything.

Remember Dubya’ boldly stating that “…Saddam’s torture chambers have been shut down.” What he should have said is that they are now under “new management and have more and more convenient locations.”…right Count Dickula Cheney?


Sickening. That is all.


This is just amazing. No wonder the CIA was so desperate to cover up. The people who ran this belong in prison.


don’t hold your breath, as it were. look forward, not backward.

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Rectal feeding? yum

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Cue the false flag Republicans to tell us Hillary Clinton is a torturer and we need to vote third party.

In three…two…


Bonus Point: Andrea Tartaros of Fox Not the News nearly had a seizure on-air, insisting that the U.S. was “Awesome” and this report detracts from our awesomeness instead of her sanctimoniousness

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Are we supposed to believe that, despite the pictures of Abu Graib and reports about rendition, the black sites, and Guantanamo, the oversight committee(s) were kept in the dark about all this? Are we to further believe that the CIA “lies” kept the White House from taking humanitarian action? If I give Senator Feinstein my phone number, will she call me? I’d like to purchase a bridge and some Florida swampland for Christmas.


They can’t use it as an example. President Obama approved force feeding as a medical necessity, not as a means to torture the detainees to glean information out of them. Rectal feeding isn’t a common practice even when someone needs nourishment but is refusing or cannot take it by mouth. The usual practice is to insert a port directly into the stomach, not through the rectum.


I’m waiting for a response from The Hague.

This is not over, by a long shot. War crimes were committed. Crimes against humanity were committed. Treaties were broken. If TPTB here in the US won’t hold ourselves to any level of accountability for those actions of torture, i have faith that the rest of the world will.

Republicans, via the Tea Party, have isolated America from the rest of the world. Heckuva job, Cheney!


Actually, what has them apoplectic with fury is the possibility that Republicans may be going to jail/


Eff the CIA. They are not protecting America: they are a rogue institution.


Cop mentality.

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It is now painfully obvious—as if it were not before now----that the CIA needs to be revamped from top to bottom and that those who have been running it and suggesting and approving of such repulsive and un-American actions need to be summarily fired and charged with criminal acts.

Torture is a violation of both US statutory law and the several Geneva Conventions, which the US not only signed but authored in whole or in part.

There is no extenuating circumstance, no exigency, no moral suasion, and no rational reason for such degrading and illegal tactics to be used by any agent or agency of the American government.

This has seriously damaged America’s moral standing in the world, has harmed our efforts in the Middle East, and has made the US no better than ISIS or Boko Haram, or any of the other groups for whom torture is a part of daily activities.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ashamed of my country for doing this.
And if we don’t stop it, fix it, and prosecute those who did it, the shame will remain.


The CIA may be doing a lot of things that are indispensable for our national security. They may be doing a great job on 90% of their tasks. But, because they insist on total secrecy about all of their activities we will never know for sure. What we now know is that, under the Bush administration, they were willing to contract out a torture program to favored bidders. We also know that they were willing to fake it, when questions were raised about the effectiveness of whatever they and their contractors were doing.

A total overhaul of the CIA is justified. There should be a special prosecutor assigned to study the total CIA organization, with the ability to dismiss any and all CIA employees or appointees or contractors who are found be be violating laws. This should start with firing the current head of the CIA for his statement about the torture report.


My brother in law is a cop. He spends his days investigating, tracking down, and putting away child molesters. As far As I know, he has never engaged in these techniques in the performance of his duties.


Casting no aspersions on your BIL here.
But with all due respect?
I’ll posit this for your consideration:

What if-- through an investigation-- you found out your BIL was in fact molesting children in the line of duty?

That, I believe is the gist of what appeared to be a glib one-liner.
That’s the way I took it.


There is no such thing as “rectal feeding” - the rectum (and the rest of the large intestine that it is part of) does not absorb pulverized food; water, yes, food no. For example, from Wikipedia:

“A paper published in Nature in 1926 stated that because the rectum and lower digestive tract lack digestive enzymes, it is likely that only the end-products of normal digestion such as sugars, amino acids, salt and alcohol, will be absorbed.”

“Rectal feeding” is just assault, plain and simple.

Michael Hayden should be in jail. Bald-faced lying to the Congress and the public are among the least-worst things he did.