Discussion: Five People Shot At Kansas City Gun Store Catering To Female Gun Owners

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Trying to rob a gun store is not one of the brightest things a person can do.


Aren’t good guys (or gals) with guns supposed to stop bad guys with guns? The problem seems to be that the bad guys with guns usually have the element of surprise on their side.


This would have been prevented if only more of the people involved had guns.


Je suis “Elle Est Un Pistolet”


A “good guy/gal” with a gun frequently becomes the “bad guy/gal” with a gun once the bullet leaves the barrel.


I’m not a gun enthusiast, but I do admire the creativity behind the name of the shop.


The Star originally reported that police said one of the wounded was found several blocks away and was believed to be one of the robbers.

Or he tried to bring his wife breakfast. Or an off-duty copper was showing him a new gun.


Seriously. The employees are armed and they’re the one percent or so that actually learns how to take cover and shoot effectively. You’d probably do better robbing a police headquarters than a gun store.


I used to go to a gun shop regularly to get retrieving dummies and other toys for my hounds. I don’t think I’ve been in one that didn’t have at least one copper in it.

Okay, I gotta know. Were they able to discern the robbers’ skin tone? I read somewhere that it was important to know, because they might not have been the bad guys.


But the hair stylists next door at Curl Up and Dye are rethinking their name.


:slight_smile: Are you here all week? I was thinking of trying the veal.


But if the “surprise” is a surprise breakfast, the surpriser is shot, which means he is the bad guy (assuming the surprisee is his wife.) You have to map these situations out carefully before you can make a moral or public safety judgment.


This would certainly seem to blow a hole in the theory that people are less safe in stores where guns are not allowed.

edit - Maybe a better way of saying that is that the idea that gun free zones are a magnet for criminals, and gun friendly stores are somehow safe havens from criminals, just took a hit.


Of course I’m mostly kidding, and I’m not recommending robbing police stations if I gave that misimpression.


Is there any truth to the rumor that there were actually nine regular customers in the store who were buying things like concealable holsters who ran away when the shooting started?

It’s only been one afternoon and the voting for the best example of gun carelessness in 2014 has shrunk to:

1.6.14 - A 28-year-old Colorado man was shot to death late last month after
a someone in his hunting party mistakenly identified him as a coyote.

5.15.14 - A South Carolina man was killed on Wednesday after he put on a
bulletproof vest, asked his friend to shoot him, and the friend allegedly
missed the vest, according to television station WYFF.

6.3.14 - A Georgia man on Saturday accidentally shot a friend with a gun he
thought was fake, police told the Moultrie Observer.

6.18.14 - A man in Macon, Georgia accidentally shot himself in the penis
while attempting to holster his gun last week.

10.8.14 - An Oregon man openly carrying his brand new handgun was robbed of
the firearm Saturday by another armed man.

Right now the leader is the dude in South Carolina who got killed when he tested a bulletproof vest by having his friend shoot at him while he had it on and his buddy missed the vest. If his last words were “I need some new friends,” I agree wholeheartedly.

Second place is the Georgian who shot himself in the dick. Please tell me the reattachment surgery failed.

Third is the Oregonian who had his brand-new pistol stolen by another armed guy. This was probably the best example of Black Humor in 2014.

I still find it difficult to believe that the Florida guy who shot his wife in the face because he mistook her for a burglar didn’t make the cut but hey, that’s just me.

UPDATE: My apologies go out to those who supported the Pennsylvanian who fired a couple of rounds into an empty house and who told police afterward that was the only way he knew how to empty a gun. That’s my personal favorite but hey, it flopped in the voting. The Georgia moron who got his ass killed cause his buddy didn’t have better aim was just too good.


Hope so.

Except I do not believe the take-home lesson will be what it probably should be.

More likely, “Gosh. Gotta get a better holster”