Discussion: First Trump Admin State Visit Kicks Off With Macron Hosted In Glitzy Fashion

I don’t like Macron. Fuck him.

Trying my hand at a more Hemingway-ish comment approach instead of being verbose haha

"Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund "

Odds on Trump asking her for a personal or business loan?




Form letter to be sent 4 days from now:

Dear France
I’m just writing to let you know how sorry I am about the other night.
We acted like a jerk. We’ve been under a lot of stress lately, but that’s no excuse for what happened.
Your friendship means a lot to us, because we don’t have many friends left. Is this because of our behavior lately?
I guess, that’s a little of it. But anyway, please don’t hate on us, because we think you’re really really cool.

p.s. But please, next time, no big military parades at your place. It gives people bad ideas. luv ya - A


Even if Drumpf doesn’t have a firmer handshake, he can still use more government assets to show that he has a bigger and more impressive state visit.


Yeah but military parade, wtf!

Macron calls Trump often, leading some to refer to him as the “Trump Whisperer.” But Macron calculates that it’s smarter and safer to talk to the impulsive U.S. president than to isolate him.

To paraphrase:
Keep your friends close and moronic country leaders closer…if you can stand it!

And he may try to influence Donald while he distracted by France’s first lady.


All morning ad nauseam on TV news they were referring to the “close friendship” between Trump and Macron. Who is buying that? Macron is playing Trump for his own goals (big ego, helping France, etc.) with perhaps a little hope that he can talk Trump out of his disastrous policy tendencies. The “best buds” thing is infuriating.


They’re going to find it difficult to pry Vichy Macron’s nose out of Trump’s ass when it’s time for him to depart.


Maybe the press is realizing they need to save their own asses as well as the world’s by doling out the praise to Donald.

The “best buds” thing is nonsense. In France, Macron is known as an expert on flattering older politicians who have low expectations of him because he is relatively young and from outside the political establishment. And the Dotard is someone who is easily flattered, to say the least.

Macron spent days strategizing with Angela Merkel before leaving for Washington.


How gauche putting the name of the country on the plane in French so it sounds more classy!


At their first Oval Office meeting Macron will be allowed to use the special chair reserved for the TASS correspondents.

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Wait, why has tRump hosted Japan’s Abe at his place and hosts his best bud in DC? Seems like tRump won’t be able to make money off this…

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De plane, it should be called Freedom Flies!


I’m sure Melania was glad to have a distraction from all of the humiliating news of porn stars, playmates and payoffs. Hopefully the decorations are more upbeat than the creepy, haunted forest Christmas theme. A hostage letter written in painted twigs.


Did Trump try to “goose” Brigitte Macron?

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Is it okay to eat French fries now, conservatives? Are you finally on board?


Does the congressional cafeteria still serve freedom toast??

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Macron . . so how’s the investigation going Donnee ?
Dump . . . It’s nonexistent. Everybody knows that except you. How much do you charge for french fries ?

Fuck this shit. Wake me up when its over. I’m already embarrassed and I haven’t heard what idiotic thing tRump’s done yet.