Discussion: First Somali-American Set To Win House Race Fends Off Right-Wing Conspiracies

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The famous story about Johnson and his aids during a Texas election

“We can’t prove he’s a pig f----r.”

“I know that,” replied Johnson. “I just want to hear him deny it.”

These all sound like variations on that


The party of bigotry, lies and corruption. How shocking that a woman from Africa would be the subject of these sort of attacks. Or not.


I celebrate that Ms. Omar entered into this race to represent her friends and family and colleagues and city knowing full well she’d be subjected to these sorts of deplorable attacks.

I can’t wait to see the look on Steve King’s face when she’s sworn in.


Newt Gingrich’s wife was in the hospital with cancer, her children surrounding her, when Newt divorced her for a younger woman.

Donald cheated on 3 wives and has 3 babies mommas and a porn star in his stable. He’s paid off countless others and raped lord knows how many.

Rep. David Vetter wore diapers and acted like a baby as a prostitute abused him.

Senator Craig and his “wide stance” against homosexuality pled guilty to approaching another man in a public restroom.

Rep Billy Long had a campaign fund-raiser at Metropolitan Grill in Springfield, MO where his donors provided not only the gargantuan amount of food it takes to feed Billy the Hut, but also the strippers.

What were we talking about again???


There is no filthy cesspool too deep that Resluglikans won’t swim to the bottom of it

Omar then married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, whom she said is a British citizen.

Who, not whom. The pronoun is the subject of is, not the object of said.


Sorting out these claims is difficult without access to immigration records, birth certificates or other documents that could prove parentage or family lineage.

Why do you need records?? The wingnuts just makeup shit.


I live in Mpls.

Omar is going to congress in 2019. Dollars to donuts. I don’t know why what’s-her-name (opponent) is even bothering.

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Exactly. Why are you, media and Amy Forliti, furthering the narrative is presumably baseless claims and scrutinizing this particular candidate in a way entirely unmeasured to your review of other candidates? One might wonder why you couldn’t use these same ‘investigative chops’ to do some digging into, say…Kavanaugh? Or any other candidate? The real story here is the naked disparity for how candidates are examined depending on their gender and background. This is so tired and disappointing.

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Exactly, the proper response to an extraordinary claim like accusing a candidate of incest with a sibling is to demand proof of the accusation not to say well the candidate doesn’t have documentation to prove her ex-husband wasn’t her brother so who can tell. You don’t see the AP running stories saying Trump can’t prove he isn’t fucking Ivanka and with all the creep shit he has said about her that story seems a lot more grounded then this one.

Get your accusations straight: She’d be engaged in polyandry (one wife, multiple husbands) if this were true. Yeesh.

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Drazkowski (the Draz) is a rightwing nut. All the charges he’s made sound a lot like throwing shi…stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

I live in the district, she’s going to win, I didn’t even know there was someone on the Republican side, the problem will be that they’ll keep this crap up as long as she’s in office.