Discussion: First Lady's Spox Snarks Media Reporting On Copied Pamphlet: ‘Be Best’!

Next they will try to take credit for sun rises.


It’s really clear that Melania also has “all the best people” working for her.

You’d think that after several plagiarism and other (mini)scandals that Melania’s people would be on the lookout for such things.

Apparently not — perhaps they spend their days getting their hair and nails done like their bossette, rather than thinking things through…


Even the First Lady’s staffers are incompetent - we’re paying government salaries and benefits for people who approved “Be Best” as an understandable slogan and who just copied and pasted their supporting information from somewhere else. I work with recent college graduates who are sometimes having a difficult time getting a decent job upon graduation. I don’t know how to explain examples like this in terms of any level of basic fairness. Edit to add: Looks like lizzymom made the same argument while I was typing.


Trump had simply repurposed a 2014 Federal Trade Commission manual, “Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online.”

We have the “Liar in Chief” and the “First Plagiarist” How nice :expressionless:

At least they have no animals held hostage as pets. Imagine, the" First Hantavirus Rodent"


Indeed…let’s all encourage the media to Be Best by asking Melania and her spokespeople about her feelings on the GOP repeatedly repealing and/or defunding or otherwise attacking SCHIP, Food Stamps, public education, etc., while we have 16M malnourished and undereducated children in this country who can’t get health care. Sure, I said it yesterday too, but I’m going on broken record mode on this one. Fuck her.


Is it just me or is, “Be Best” the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard?


The First Lady will be well advised to say nothing until she understands the difference between what others have said and her own thoughts/ideas. Her staff has to make sure her attempts to do something on her own account does not end up drawing scorn which is currently poured on the words of the current joker in the White House.


OMG no. The whole twitterverse exploded in a supernova of facepalming. It’s just so off. It’s like the “B Sharps” in that Simpsons episode, which they said was one of those names that sounds witty and first and then less funny every time you hear it.


I agree with everyone up post. How very funny/ironic that this family takes credit for the work of others and calls it their own. Funny too that Melania has plagiarized the Obama administration twice now. How low life to not give credit where credit is due and claim other people’s work as your own.

However, on the bright side – as a result of the ‘much ado’ — the website now reflects the truth – is that a first for this admin?

"Be Best’s website changed the language describing it from “a booklet by First Lady Melania Trump and the FTC” to “a FTC booklet, promoted by first lady Melania Trump”.


Well, Melania, at least you can take full credit for marrying Trump. That’s all on you, honey. And I am really tired of the media’s recent attempts to lionize this Birther Queen. And this sudden deep-felt concern for America’s children is downright laughable. Her husband tries to make the children of America suffer as much as possible, and she has the gall to say she even gives a flying fuck. The only child she has any concern for is Barron, and if she had any real sympathy for him she’d pack up and leave his cheating father before the kid grows up to be just like one of his cloven-footed step-brothers.


She should have titled it, “Be All That You Can Be!”
I mean, she already ripped off the pamphlet from Obama’s FTC. She may as well go the whole nine yards and rip off an old slogan of the US Army, too.


Who is “Best”? Is Best male, female, gender fluid? Is Best human? I refuse to “Be Best” until someone explains who Best is!


It’s like Melania’s not so good grip on English.


I remember back in the 60’s and 70’s you would frequently see those fun cheeky ads on TV for government publications that you could mail for, all came from Pueblo, Colorado. In a way they were a source of national pride.
It wouldn’t shock me if Melania’s staff were scouring through the archives.

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So Sad…

This is not incompetence. It’s distain for all cultural norms. The hallmark of Melania’s communication style is conceit and arrogance. Oh, and repurposing the words of others, because who cares, right? And does anyone anywhere believe she didn’t know that Don the Con’s a horn-dog when she married him? It’s his signature. And it’s who she is—a complicit trophy wife. No, she’s not a victim. Think Camille Cosby. No excuses accepted. No sympathy due.


Anyone want to bet that her plagiarized Convention speech was a calculated attempt to discredit the Trump campaign? The fact that it didn’t is testament to the power of tribalism and Dunning-Kruger…

Be better, grammatically correct. Be best,not so much.


I thought it was an exhortation to be the fifth Beatle…