Discussion: First Lady Michelle Obama Is Going All-Out To Preserve Her White House Garden

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I’m an avid gardener and Burpee just moved to the top of my list for seeds.

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HO from Hell™ would have that plot paved faster than St. Ronnie removed the solar panels from the White House roof.

Me too. I’m so pleased to see her take this initiative to make the garden an enduring legacy to the nation, not just to the next inhabitants of the White House. From someone that has about a 600 square foot vegetable and flower garden myself, I couldn’t be more happy and proud to see this tradition continue. Its a different kind of Victory Garden to be sure; not one born out of war but born out of the fight against obesity and a healthier America. Having people see where the food comes from, from tilling the soil, planting the seed, thru harvest to table, and composting the rest…Its just the such a wonderful gift to leave the country.

I had high hopes for gardening when we finally left rental condos for a detached house.

After a moderately successful first season, I’ve had to give up until I have the time to plan and construct something that will keep rabbits, rats, and invasive roots at bay.

I swear, if you water a patch of ground here in Southern California, every plant within 50 yards will sent roots into that patch to drink your milkshake. By the end of the second season, what should have been easy digging into a mix of sandy soil and compost felt more like trying to dig through a buried pile of volleyball nets.