Discussion: First Dems, Now Senate GOP Object To Spending Bill

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Republicans War on America .


and said the bill flows from “the divided government that the American people voted for.”

Pretty much. People voted for a GOP House hoping to “stop Obama”. Unfortunately what we have now is one majority side with interests that primarily appeal to the wealthy and another side that pushes for power of those that may not have as much. The result is a need for compromise - and that’s what has to happen to pass this shit before the new session.

And oh, just wait til next year.


“…supporting the market for insurance against terrorist acts…”

Oh… my… God…

Republicans see terrorism as a growth market?


I thought the Tea Party was started because of the Banks and Wall Street bail out and not because Obama was half black


Hate Cruz and Lee, but just because the Tea Party is for something, doesn’t mean we have to be against it.

The giveaways to the banking industry are just one of many reasons to oppose this bill. Pelosi and Warren are against it too. They are not “fringe”.


Since so many of them are domestic terrorists of one sort or another, that’s only natural.


The Tea Party was started because Obama is the wrong color.

Any other reason offered for its beginning is a lie or a diversion.


just because the Tea Party is for something, doesn’t mean we have to be against it.

Ya I remember a review of “The Last Temptation of Christ” (reviled by many easily-offended Christians) that began “Just because people you don’t like hate this movie doesn’t mean it’s any good.”

Same, but backwards and in high heels.


Nonsense. The TP’s origins are tied to the the anger Americans felt about the bailouts, but never, ever was that anger directed towards Wall Street. It was focused squarely upon the black man in the White House and hasn’t let up since. See the protest yesterday in front of the White House if you have any doubts. That is why one of the first places they went was into the birther nonsense.

The only reach that can be made to say it had anything to do with the bailout, was very early they were screaming about their taxes being too high…despite the fact that Obama cut taxes as part of the stimulus bill (roughly 1/3 of that package was tax cuts).

OWS was the counter Wall Street movement, and it was dead almost before it got started. No leadership or direction and instantly characicutured by the MSM, if not completely ignored. In the simple MSM messaging it was “Angry old people without a clue…Good! Angry young people with actual issues…BAD!” The underlying reasoning of course was…yelling at black man in WH was fine, it kept people distracted. Trying to spark changes to address income inequality and reform Wall Street is heresy.


It’s kind of murky and depends on who or what you want to call the “Tea Party”. There was some very large anger over the TARP on the RW side of things and Obama was just running for office at the time. Some like to claim that was when the Tea Party was formed and it was more organic. They were more nihilistic though and did want to see Wall St. punished.

Then Obama was elected.

Dick Army and others like him coopted the movement and the anger and what you see now is the result and it’s not pretty.


The Tea Party is a toxic cocktail of right-wing nihilism and classic American racism----trying to decide which came first is a chicken/egg circular argument.

The two things are inextricably intertwined.


Toxic yes. I just remember clearly the anger over Bush’s TARP (I was opposed to it, too, especially as the 3 page giveaway it was initially) and somehow that now has been morphed into Obama’s TARP.

Because the rubes they coopted are idiots and/or can’t see past their anger and prejudice.


“Democrats will lose control of the Senate in January because of heavy
losses in midterm elections last month and will go deeper into a House
minority than at any time in nearly 70 years.”

Should be a very interesting next few months of overeach IMHO.

“We will learn soon enough if those statements are genuine and sincere,” he (Cruz) said…

Sez the master of bloviation and deception.


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Bernie Sanders says this bill contains provisions to end a 40 year-old pension law. According to Bernie, employers could cut your pension benefit by 50% without this law. Why hasn’t anyone else mentioned this?


There are still 22 federal judge nominations pending, 2 Court of Appeals and 20 District Judges. I would very much hope that the Democratic Senators not end this current session without confirming all these judges. We elected these people to do the people’s work. Confirming judges is part of the job description. Come on, folks, do your job!


But of course the change they want in the bill isn’t the change we want; I dearly wish it was something that wasn’t anathema to us, or we could offer to get rid of both, give each side a victory, and get this thing done with less damage and before the GOP will be able to do even more.


Approval of Congress has been hovering in the low to mid teens for the past couple of years. Look for it to drop to single digits and stay there starting about February 2015.

Ironically, Cruz and Lee played a major role in events slightly more than a year ago that led to a partial government shutdown

If you put the two of them in a barrel and rolled it down a hill, there’d always be an asshole on top.