Discussion: First Democratic Senator Calls On VA Secretary To Resign

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‘No, no!’ said the Queen. ‘Sentence first - verdict afterwards.’

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So he should resign if anyone on his staff screws up and lies about it, right?

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Democrats have backbones made out of noodles

Last week when Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn called for him to resign I called her campaign office and asked the same thing you just did.

Unfortunately she won the primary and I told them I will have to hold my nose to vote for her. She has said many things I disagree with…like the fact she is for the guns everywhere law that just passed here in Georgia.

What ALL democrats should be calling for is fully funding the VA, and asking why the GOP is against taking care of our veterans.

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I hear ya. Grimes also called for Shinseki to resign. Lame no matter how you slice it but understand how they see it as inoculating themselves from the issue in the GE campaign efforts.

I thought for sure it would be Landrieu or Pryor.

Their polling must look better than his.

General article structure from now until November can now be as follows:

"Spineless Dem panders to right wing loonies.

BTW, Dem is up for re-election."

Just repeat the above and over and over and over again.

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Udall is in a fight for his life for re-election. I guess he figures this will help him. Another pitiful, ball-less dem. This would be a tragic mistake as Shinseki is the best person that has occupied that job for a very long time if ever. The problems at the VA have existed so long that it is impossible to change things overnight - not to mention all the casualties from Bushes two wars that have sent them into a tailspin.

It is a disgrace on so many levels and yet I know two people who get their care at VA hospitals in Massachusetts and brag about the care they receive

Perhaps some context as to how their primary went (as if they’d get primaried from the left) and what their current polling looks like.

Sorry, but have to agree. An administrator has to be held responsible for such a massive failure of the core mission. It may not seem fair, but life isn’t

Sorry. I disagree. He has really done a good job in the short time he’s been there. Things are better even though some VAs are worse than others.

To what level? Can an absolute bottom-end employee bring down the CEO if they do something wrong? How many levels up should such a thing reach?

Do these Democrats calling for Shinseki’s resignation really believe he can be replaced? The Senate is already badly backlogged in nominations, and if the Republicans take control, will any Obama nominee be confirmed for any post whatsoever? If Shinseki resigns, there will be no replacement. Yes, the VA secretary is important, but so are those other positions.

So this is now happening because he and two others are up for re-election .