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Because burning places of worship is so patriotic. And Christian.


Trump, Cruz, Fox & Hannity, ad nauseam, are looking less and less funny by the day.


Amen. We’re going to start seeing deaths at this rate. It won’t be funny at all, not a thing for popcorn-eating gifs and the like. And one more thing—if it weren’t for Trump’s clownery we’d be talking a lot more seriously about the absolutely reckless rhetoric Cruz has been using all this time about Muslims, about the Obama administration, about any lying inflammatory propaganda he thinks might bring him a few more votes. He’s the same old shockingly amoral sociopath we’ve known and loved, it’s just that the stakes are a lot higher and the situation more inflamed. If any GOP candidate wanted to make a full, honest denunciation of this stuff right now it would be very welcome. I guess we’ll see.


For all the people who were born too late for Jim Crow, and feel they missed out on a key time in our history, this is your chance to soak up some good old Americana.


I was thinking about the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, the one where four young women were killed. Same mentality at work—the paranoid style, edging over from maniacal talk to maniacal action.


Damage to the mosque and any injuries are all on DONALD TRUMP’S bloodstained hands. He incited this.


In this climate? They seem to be bending over backwards each one to see who can be the most bigoted.


I know. Just sort of fantasizing about someone saying the hell with it, it’s time for a decent human being to step up. Call me a cockeyed optimist, or a person with an overactive imagination, or whatever you want.


Fuckwads all and there only seems to be a matter of degree. But as to @MattinPA 's comment, I agree 100%


OK: You’re a cockeyed optimist with an over active imagination.

But those are admirable qualities, generally speaking.


I visited family in Athens, GA back in 1962 and witnessed separate drinking fountains and bus waiting rooms. I recall thinking (as 13yr old kids are wont to do) that it was rather odd to divide the water pipe to 2 drinking fountains based only on skin color. After all it was the same damned water from a single source… I pulled out my camera and took a photo. I wish I could find that image now.


All the Islamaphobia and inciting words have consequences.

I won’t hold my breath waiting to hear repudiations of such acts from the GOP since they are the ones ginning up the fear and hate.


Acts like this are great recruitment material for ISIS. Apparently there are just as many Americans who want to bring about a religious war as there are folks who are so interested in the Middle East.


Meh, who knows, might be just the work of another transgendered left activist.


Honestly an full-throated denunciation from a current candidate is more a possible scenario I imagined among others. Probability low, especially for something from the heart and reckless of lost votes in the dumbass constituency. Jefferson Smith is not running for President on the GOP side this cycle, I’m pretty sure.


Yes. Living in Atlanta, not far from the MLK Museum, that tragedy is something we hear and think about a lot.

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A terrorist attack on a mosque in America. Where is the outrage? Where are all the religious freedom hypocrites? Huckabee and Kim Davis? Hello?!


Oh, and you’re right about Cruz: he’s the most cynical and calculating of the bunch. I get the impression that Trump is a bit improvisatory and if a line gets applause, he expands on it and makes it part of his “platform” - though racism does come naturally to him. Cruz is nothing if not a demagogue, and as you suggest, a true sociopath. Here’s an article in the Guardian how he’s hired a British firm to mine user data from Facebook. Scary.


I suspect the response from the Gop people running for president will be the samas the killings at the pp center, its their fault for being a Muslim.

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