Discussion: Fiorina Warns Of Specter Of 'Network of George Stephanopoulos' After Missing Cut For Debate

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the looming specter of the “network of George Stephanopoulous”

The Stephanopoulouses and the Fiorinas, the corporate Montagues and Capulets…Where fore art thou, Georgio?


Gee Carly, it;s never your fault, is it? could it possibly be that even the gullible GOP electorate has caught on to the fact that your your a lying cretin who is incapable of uttering anything that isn’t false?


Fiorina Suggests ABC’s Stephanopoulos Lobbied To Keep Her Out Of Debate

I’m guessing it has more to do with the fact that she’s polling barely above 0%.


Dead baby parts are laughing at you.


The other go to alternative" MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Oh, wonderful–an Internet anti-media tantrum. See how that plays WITH THE MEDIA, why dontcha Carly?


Chuck you Farly


Carly, it was your performance in Iowa that kept you out of the debate.

Just like it was your performance at HP that got your ass fired.


“The network of George Stephanopoulos…”

Ummm…has anyone ever taught this bitch a thing about how to work the refs, Hey Failorina, that’s not how you do it.

No one gives a shit what this crazy woman has to say anymore, if they ever did. Word of advice, suspend your ugly campaign already.


Well, I am known far and wide as a fouled-mouthed bastard (and well-loved for it, and very proud of it, thank you very much), and I would usually tell a candidate like Carly Fiorina to blow me, but I will not, and not because I have had some major religious or philosophical conversion, but due to the fact that 1.) I am a gay man, and 2.) if I WERE straight, I would seal myself in a concrete bunker guarded by a gross of Doberman pinschers before I would ever let this screeching harridan with 25 feet of me. Besides, I don’t have sex with alien species.
And how come our beloved unbiased media never bitches and moans about Carly screaming like a banshee, but every time Hillary raises her voice during a heated debate, Morning Joe and his resident ball-sucker Micro have a three hour show talking about Clinton shouting?


So we can add “Whiny Loser” to her stellar resume of: Incompetent (multiple time) CEO, Incompetent Senate Candidate, and Incompetent Presidential Candidate.
Sounds like a great match for Marco Rubio as his VP running mate.
Think about it: Rubio/Fiorina
A match made in the boardroom.


Well, I sorta agree with her that someone is not doing a good job of counting votes.

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Oh, yes, George Stephanopoulos has always been such a biased defender of liberal Dems. You can tell by the 459 hours he spent during the 2008 primary campaign bitching about the lack of an American flag pin on Obama’s lapel.
BTW, I have seen a videotape of Carly having sex with porn star Jenna Jameson. And they did it on a bed full of aborted baby parts. I can’t produce evidence of the video right now, BUT I SAW IT, GODDAMMIT!!!


I’ll get you, pretty boy and your little dog too.


You’d think the attractiveness of being pleasant might occur to SOMEONE on the Right.


yes, a quick return to her skillset.

Dude. I really don’t want to fall in love with you - it could never work, what with you being a gay man & me being a straight, married woman - so staaaap, already! Making me laugh out loud is the way to my heart & you’ve done it twice on one post.


But even then it doesn’t make any damn sense. On one hand, she’s claiming the RNC is colluding with Steph. to keep her from debating. And on the other hand, Steph wants to throw the election to Clinton. So, what’s the RNCs angle? What’s their interest in keeping her off the stage? Are they colluding with Clinton too?


“Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” explains it pretty well.