Discussion: Fiorina Hits Hillary Clinton Over Email Server 'Wipe' Joke

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The “undercard debate” otherwise known as the “kiddie table” or as I like to call it, “the puerile platform”.


“We need a president who understands technology in the oval office,”

I’m thinking it’s probably even more rudimentary to first test whether he or she can understand sarcasm. Because yeah…the cloth comment was drowning in it.

Fucking idiot.

And I’m sorry, but if this is a play on “I was CEO of HP so I understand technology,” then how about we produce approximately 30,000 people with first hand experience of no you fucking don’t?


Haha. “Playground politics.” These are the kids who ate the cat poop in the sandbox.

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“We need a president who understands dry humor in the oval office,”

It is an indicator of human awareness and self awareness


Old, old joke. Ha ha ha. Go away. Now.

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There you go Carly! Hard hitting analysis like that will get you back at the adult table!


Judging by her performance at HP, I’m not sure she understands technology.


Weapons-grade lameness. If you were trapped in a room with her and Cruz and she was saying this stuff and he was doing his not-even-close impressions you’d tear your own ears off.

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Who are the nitwits financing this woman?

And now we can see why Carly is there . . . permanently.

I think not. She has to stay above 1% to be in the loser squad.

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