Discussion: Fiorina: Connecting Planned Parenthood Attack And Undercover Videos Is 'Left-Wing Tactics' (VIDEO)

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You’re missing the last sentence to the article:

Such a video was completely fabricated in her mind, since it didn’t exist.


BLM protesters aren’t killing anyone. In fact, they’re being shot at. This terrorist’s apologists in the pro-life community and a complicit media are doing their best to muddle what happened here.


What a disgusting excuse for a human being.


“This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message,”

R. L. Dear sent a message, for sure.


See, and I thought blood was dripping from every digit of her dishonorable hands! So glad she could put us straight on this!!

P.S. And what a relief to have her claritfy that her completely false murderous incitements are all out fault!


Carly Fiorina…

I’m a Republican therefore I lie…

I’m also a feminist thanks to Phyllis Schlafly’s wisdom…


Blood on her hands…


“This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message,”

The message being, we have created an army of Foxbots coming to shoot you.


Not much chance of harvesting HER brain.


Group doctors a video in order to make it look like Planned Parenthood is chopping babies up and selling their parts on the black market. Right-wing media latches on and runs with it, so much so that “Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts” becomes a huge thing in right-leaning circles.

Man then shoots up a Planned Parenthood, mumbling something about “no more baby parts”.

So, uh, yeah, fuck you Carly Fiorinia.


Whether it’s Black Lives Matter or pro-life protestors, protesters should always be peaceful and respectful,” Fiorina said.

and this is where Chris Wallace should have asked her to give examples…


This woman is truly dumb.
I now see the reason for all the preemptive strikes against Hillary Clinton.
She is absolutely no match against Clinton who would crush her like a bug in no time at all, were they to be matched up in a debate. .


“Bloody Hands” Bill 0’Rielly got him some new company with “Demon Sheep” Carlie. Love the smell of rePuklican presidential candidate toast in the morning.

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She’s a terrorist.


If anyone is keeping score

Ted Cruz essentially blames the LGBT community for what happened last week, while at the same time contradicting what he said in regards to Chattanooga.

Carly Fiorina is clutching to the idea that ‘all sides need to chill from violent rhetoric’, even though the worse that you can tag BLM with is rally disruption.

and until Carson or Trump comes through to ‘save’ her, a Cruz spokeswoman is going with a talking point written by that ‘great’ American 'journalist: ‘Sooper Mexican’.

Welcome to Monday


This inability to connect the dots between cause and effect explain her tenure at HP.

Nope, no connection between failed business mergers and mass lay-offs.

No connection between shouting “fire” in a theater and a panicked stampede.

No connection between inciting violence against Planned Parenthood and said violence happening.


She’s a terrorist.

Well, no. Not yet (at least technically).

However, she is certainly giving aid and comfort to terrorists. Perhaps she should be subject to some advanced interrogation techniques, so she can tell DHS or the CIA or the RNC where the next “pro-life” terrorist plans to strike.

Oh, sure, she’ll cry that she doesn’t know. But her statements are CLEARLY (not-so-)coded messages, telling the religious fanatics who follow her where to strike next. Maybe a drone strike on her next campaign stop? That’s what we do with terrorist leaders, right?

Or, as THX1138 put it so well: Fuck you, Carly. You’re evil through and through, and a pitiful excuse for a human.


Cruella is right! It’s common knowledge that reality has a left-wing bias!


As expected, the one candidate that explicitly lies that PP kept a baby alive to harvest its brain, and refuses to back down from that demonstrable lie, is now quadrupling down on her lie. Carly is almost as low as tRump in her rhetoric.

WTF??? There are 149 heads of state in Paris talking about climate change, and she says it’s a waste of time discussing climate change because no one country can solve the problem. Poor deluded Carlie.